"Cuck"-obsessed conservatives may harbor dreams of being cuckolded

The term "cuck", short for "cuckold", is used largely on America's right to insult men they consider to have been taken advantage of, willingly submissive, or otherwise weak. Among the more curious terms in the modern political lexicon, it is amusingly derivative of the term's use to refer to a porn category centered around men forced to watch their partners have sex with other men, often men of color. Sex researcher David Ley studied the cuckolding phenomenon as a whole, saw conservatives angry at reportage of this work, wondered if something interesting is going on in their heads, and found that yes, yes there was, if only because it's going on in a lot of people's heads.

Asked about his tweet, Ley told Gizmodo the following over email:

I honestly didn’t even know who he was? But, the research indicates that it is extremely likely that many of his followers enjoy this sexual fantasy. I always get sad and concerned when I see people publicly shaming healthy, normative sexual fantasies and behaviors. Hopefully by opening this dialogue, some of his followers might feel less shame and concern about their fantasies.

The rage aimed at Ley over his study, which ranges over attitudes to race and polyamory as well as cuckolding in particular, is remarkable. Read the rest

A brief history of "cuck"

"Cuck" is an insult lately beloved of bigots, spreading inexorably from Reddit to the schoolyards of America. What makes it beautiful is that it exposes the speaker's interest in a relatively obscure category of porn centered on the menacing appeal of big black dicks to scared white men: that being by far the most widespread use of the term online before it ascended to the pantheon of inadvertently-revealing insults. Read the rest

Racists angry at "cuckold culture"

Ashley Feinberg marvels at the hate-watching obsession du jour for America's white supremacists: a teen show where white and black kids coexist. Welcome to 2015!

This objectively insane theory has been slowly gaining steam amongst the various ultra-conservative, ultra-racist, right-wing message boards scattered across the internet. So, inevitably, it ended up on The Daily Stormer, a blog born of the aggressively racist and unfortunately thriving message-board Stormfront.

The Daily Stormer posted the body of the petition, which “asks Nickelodeon to stop marketing cuckold fetishism, as well as other forms of sexual fetishism (foot fetishism, for example) to children.” But because petitions can only do so much, the online, pro-eugenics equivalent of a poorly produced zine also asks readers to troll and harass these child actors, forcing them “to explain why they are a part of this sickening production.”

So now, white supremacists are doing everything in their power to get the show cancelled—which essentially translate to making a whole bunch of shitty YouTube videos and poorly-produced images.

What is it with "cuckolding?" The gulf between what bigots say and what people understand has often taken the shape of this bizarre word lately. Few insults say so little about the target, while saying so much about the utterer's own sexual obsessions. Read the rest