Today's "lone wolf" killers are actually a pack

In the wake of the Toronto van attack (image above), media attention is turning to the next strand of online white-guy aggrievement that the mainstream hasn't yet discovered -- the self-described "incel" movement.

There'll be endless pieces attempting to interrogate the specific claims made by incel guys online, too many of which will somehow ignore their phosphorescent misogyny, and the many open calls to violence against women you see in these forums. Ella Dawson synthesized this nicely ...

Bingo. Mainstream reporters tend to treat each of these different little online cliques of angry, wildly entitled guys as being motivated by some specific, unique, granular problem: They're angry about gamer culture! Or dating and sex! Or immigration and the loss of some nebulously-defined national "culture"!

But they're not terribly different at all. Their beliefs all pivot around the same poles: A matter-of-fact contempt for women and minorities, and a radioactively bitter sense that white guys ought to be easily and widely recognized as inherently superior to every other group. This commonality between their worldviews shouldn't be surprising, because -- as David Perry notes in Pacific Standard -- these supposedly "lone wolf" mostly-white-guy killers in recent years are, in fact, all in loose communication with each other online. Read the rest

Starling murmurations as you've never heard before

Starlings in flight are always beautiful, but what's most remarkable about The Art of Flying, a film by Jan van IJken about a massive flock of starlings, is the sound. Read the rest

Airportraits: composite photos of all the daily takeoffs from the world's airports

Artist Mike Kelley creates "Airportraits" of the world's airports by photographing all the planes that take off on a given day, then compositing them together into a kind of time-lapse of a day's worth of flights, which presents an instantly comprehensible way of comparing the different services; they're available as stunning prints. (via Kottke) Read the rest