Today's "lone wolf" killers are actually a pack

In the wake of the Toronto van attack (image above), media attention is turning to the next strand of online white-guy aggrievement that the mainstream hasn't yet discovered — the self-described "incel" movement. There'll be endless pieces attempting to interrogate the specific claims made by incel guys online, too many of which will somehow ignore […]

Starling murmurations as you've never heard before

Starlings in flight are always beautiful, but what's most remarkable about The Art of Flying, a film by Jan van IJken about a massive flock of starlings, is the sound.

Airportraits: composite photos of all the daily takeoffs from the world's airports

Artist Mike Kelley creates "Airportraits" of the world's airports by photographing all the planes that take off on a given day, then compositing them together into a kind of time-lapse of a day's worth of flights, which presents an instantly comprehensible way of comparing the different services; they're available as stunning prints. (via Kottke)