Chinese World of Warcraft crime-boss sentenced to two years

The leader of a clan of Chinese Warcraft fences has been sentenced to two years in prison and been fined $8,000 for buying stolen World of Warcraft logins, then logging into the accounts and selling off all their virtual gold and assets. They reportedly attacked 11,500 accounts and netted $10,800.

After a long trial, Zhejiang province's Songyang county court sentenced the mastermind, named Chen, to two years in prison for invasive access of "ordinary computer information systems." He was also fined $8,000. An accomplice named Zhu, who set up a parallel middleman operation, will serve a little less time and pay $1,000, as will the other eight defendants.The money made in the scam, as well as the computers used to carry it out, were seized by the Chinese state.

Chinese gang will serve 2 years in prison for 'World of Warcraft' heist [Miles Klee/Daily Dot]

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