Rube Goldberg machine of the day

As relaxing, amusing and intriguing as any other: "an impressive Rube Goldberg machine with a 4-minute course. The beads move in a chain reaction divided into several more complex steps, including the one with a whiteboard that turns to release new balls positioned on the back side." Read the rest

Watch this hydraulic press crush a computer power bank

“Do not try this at home!! or at anywhere else!!” Read the rest

This five-year-old kid is a log-splitting maniac

Salem Barker's kid isn't afraid of a little hard work. At five, he already knows how to run the hydraulic logsplitter they rigged up at their farm. Read the rest

Watching a hydraulic press crush 1,500 sheets of paper is oddly soothing

After a long week of demoralizing Trump hijinks, what you need is the satisfying release of a hydraulic press video. Here's one crushing 1500 pounds of paper. Read the rest

Watch a fidget spinner spin at 50,000 RPMs... and then break

Just for kicks, Australian auto system manufacturer AXT Turbo put a fidget spinner in a vice and blasted it with an air compressor:

We were playing around with the fidget spinner after work, seeing how fast and what the structural integrity of the unit is. We first started with finger on it until it got a little hot. Then we put in in a vice. After it let go, we calculated it was turning 50000 plus RPM.

(via Laughing Squid)

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Omnidirectonal conveyor belt is smarter than I am

Intralox makes these incredible machines. Excellent material for making perfect-loop GIFs.

Previously: Lost and lonely dildo on a conveyor belt Some sort of machine pooping out globs of meat Read the rest

Pixel-art Useless Machine on the web

A classic favorite of Boing Boing editors, the Useless Machine has been implemented as a website for your button-pressing pleasure. Read the rest

Rumor: Nintendo planning SNES Mini

If you're wondering why Nintendo killed its always-sold-out NES Mini at the height of hype and demand, the answer looks like the obvious one: they're apparently readying a new version based on the more advanced SNES platform, allowing more and better games.

Nintendo will follow up its smash hit NES microconsole with a mini version of the SNES, sources close to the company have confirmed to Eurogamer.

The SNES mini (or, to continue Nintendo's official branding, likely the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System) is currently scheduled to launch in time for Christmas this year. Development of the device is already under way, our sources have indicated.

Nintendo's plans for SNES mini are also a major reason why last year's NES mini did not see a reprieve from discontinuation, Eurogamer understands, despite the latter's continued popularity and sell-out status.

Nostalgia aside, the plain truth is that the SNES was (and is) a much better system. Nintendo is just supernaturally clueless when it comes to managing expectations, is all. Read the rest

Watch these hypnotic transplanting machines

This nifty little device is used in a lot of larger greenhouses. Transplanting delicate seedlings used to be done by hand on long conveyor belts. One facility said it took 35 workers to do as much as the machine. Read the rest

Watch hypnotic egg-breaking machines for ten minutes

These three different egg-breaking and separating machines have slightly different tasks, but they are all equally hypnotic. Read the rest

Transfixing videos of industrial machinery accompanied by electronic music

The YouTube channel INDUSTRIAL JP is a wonderland of machinery and music operated by a label in Japan. [h/t Joel] Read the rest

WATCH: Metal Disintegration Machine vs. snapped-off tool part stuck in cast iron

In this video, a broken tap is removed from a heavy cast-iron machine part: "A Metal Disintegration Machine (MDM) or Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) was used to successfully disintegrate the broken tap saving the customer thousands of dollars. The broken tap didn't have a chance!" [via] Read the rest

Rube Goldberg machine built entirely from HTML form elements

Sebastian Ly Serena's website consists solely of a bizarre HTML contraption that animates form elements until all of them have expanded and the author's email address is exposed. It's built entirely from standard web forms and javascript, ugly as sin, and completely wonderful. [via Hacker News, whose commenters are unimpressed because the underlying code doesn't really model a chain reaction.] Read the rest

Watch this machine cut car tires in half

It takes its own sweet time. Bonus points for looking like a face near the end. Read the rest

Mesmerizing videos of curve-drawing machines

Enjoy these 72 videos of virtual models of mechanical devices that draw circles, ellipses, and hyperbolae, as well as more exotic shapes, like nephroids, deltoids, astroids, and lemniscates of Bernoulli. Read the rest

Is this thumbs-up thumbs-down mechanism real?

The mechanism shown here is a computer animation, but does something like it exist in the real world? The sliding arc-shaped gear looks like it could come off the glass track pretty easily, but it is a cool way to keep the thumb stationary in the up or down position for a moment. [via] Read the rest

Useful machine browses internet randomly

The Random User is an art installation posted to Vimeo by monobo. [via JWZ]

"A vintage intervened mouse that browse internet randomly, without control. A special user who does not attend UX strategies, CTAs, quality content ... This small desktop experiment explores the identity on the Internet theories and the "Google Analytics" world."

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