Impressive four minute mash-up of 50 music videos from 1988

The Hood Internet cut up bits of 50+ music videos from 1988 and mashed them into a four minute video. It would make the perfect soundtrack to a montage of 80s movie montages.

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Watch this wild fan-made "Blade Runner" mash-up short film

Blade Runner already had a reputation for its various edits, between the theatrical cut, Ridley Scott's director's cut, and the various special editions that exist. But now filmmaker Leon Chase has taken it another step further with Blade Runner: The Lost Cut, a uniquely postmodern take on the canon. As the Verge describes it:

The Lost Cut is a recut version of Blade Runner created by splicing in other films that star Blade Runner cast members, plus more films starring those films’ co-stars, resulting in a masterfully edited cinematic rabbit hole where Rick Deckard is hunting down a cast of replicants including Gene Hackman (via The Conversation, one of Harrison Ford’s first films), Steve Martin (via The Jerk,which stars M. Emmet Walsh, who plays Deckard’s boss Bryant), and John Belushi (via The Blues Brothers,which features Ford’s Star Wars co-star Carrie Fisher).

The film follows Blade Runner’s broad story beats, but its narrative drifts wherever the added footage leads, like some kind of Burroughsian cut-up version of Ridley Scott’s film.

It's worth noting that this mash-up masterpiece is the direct result of coronavirus quarantine. People are finding themselves with too much time on their hands … and sometimes, in a weird way, maybe that's a good thing.

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Classic horror movies as Disney cartoons

It's only a matter of time before Disney owns every piece of intellectual property on the planet. And when that day comes, we'll likely be treated to adorable reboots of gory, existential classics.

In the meantime, we'll have to settle for Swedish cartoonist Daniel Björk's imagined versions of the inevitable future.

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'Why don't you sit right back, And I, I may tell you a tale. A tale of three little pigs, And a man handcuffed in a pig pen" . . . . #hannibal #hanniballecter #horrorcomics #horrormovies #horrorfan #masonverger #horroraddict #horrormashup #horrorart #disneymashup #disneyhorror #woltfistey #horrorjunkie

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"Tasty old bear" . . . . . #badtaste #peterjackson #splatter #splattermovie #80shorror #horrorcomics #horrormovie #horrormashup #horrorfan #horrorart #disneyhorror #disneymashup #woltfistey #stupidart #dumbdrawings #retroart #retrocomics #kickpunch #lordcrumb

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"When you wish upon a star your dreams will become your new nightmare" . . . #anightmareonelmstreet #freddykrueger #nightmareonelmstreet #horrorcomics #horrormovie #horrormashup #horror #retrohorror #disneymashup #woltfistey #horrorart #80shorror #videonasty #disneyhorror #horrormovies #horrorjunkie

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"Heigh-ho heigh-ho, your soul we tear apart" . . . . . #hellraiser #pinhead #cenobites #80shorror #horrorcomics #horrormovie #horrormashup #horrorfan #horrorart #disneymashup #woltfistey #stupidart #dumbdrawings #snowwhite #sevendwarfs #dopey #retrocomic #retroart ##comicbook

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Mashing up NWA with an old Irish rebel song

Last year, I cracked a joke on Twitter about the surprising similarities between NWA's "Fuck the Police" and Dominic Behan's famous Irish rebel song, "Come Out, Ye Black and Tans." At the urging of my friend Darach, author and host of the Motherfócloir book and podcast, I recorded a quick video of the two songs mashed-up together, that got a couple thousand views.

This year, I decided to formally record the mashup in my home studio, and release it as a digital single. But shortly after I started working on, the Wolfe Tones' version of the song miraculously returned to the #1 spot on the Irish music charts, in response to a government proposal to commemorate the Irish bootlickers who joined the Royal Irish Constabulary — aka, the Black and Tans — in the 1920s as reinforcements against the IRA during the Irish War of Independence. That's like the US putting up a statue to the soldiers behind the Boston Massacre.

Then, the day after I submitted my song to my music distributor, I got a message from Darach saying that I got a shout-out on this week's Pogues-centric episode of the Motherfócloir podcast — and sure enough, he'd pulled the audio from my earlier video recording of my mash-up, and was already getting requests to hear the rest of it.

So anyway, here's my single version of the mashup. Hopefully all that serendipity actually means something.

"Come Out, Ye Black and Tans (Fuck The Police)" by Thom Dunn

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Listen to this compelling mash-up of 50 songs from 1979

As The Hood Internet, Chicago producers Aaron Brink (ABX) and Steve Reidell (STV SLV) have been cranking out compelling mash-ups since 2007. The clip above cuts up and recombines 50 songs from 1979. They intend to release several more single year mash-ups this month. This one features:

ABBA, AC/DC, Anita Ward, Billy Joel, Blondie, Boomtown Rats, The Buggles, The Cars, Charlie Daniels Band, Cheap Trick, Chic, The Clash, The Cure, Donna Summer, Doobie Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire, Electric Light Orchestra, Fleetwood Mac, The Flying Lizards, Gang of Four, The Gap Band, Gary Numan, Joy Division, Kiss, The Knack, Kool & The Gang, Lipps Inc, M, Michael Jackson, Pat Benatar, Pink Floyd, The Police, The Pretenders, Prince, Queen, Rainbow, Rupert Holmes, Sister Sledge, The Specials, Squeeze, The Sugarhill Gang, Supertramp, Talking Heads, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Van Halen, The Whispers, Wire

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Modest Mouse vs. Queen, a most excellent mash-up

Oneboredjeu slams together Modest Mouse's "Float On" with Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" to great effect.

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The Overlook Hotel: A "sequel" to The Shining

The Overlook Hotel is a deeply creepy and strange "sequel" to The Shining made entirely from clips from myriad horror films. Directed by Antonio Maria Da Silva who is best known for the excellent edit Hell's Club (2015).

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Coldplay and Smash Mouth mash-up: "Sky Full of All Stars"

This makes me like one of the songs a bit more and dislike the other a bit less. Read the rest