Paraglider loses control as dust devil flings him around

This paraglider is prepping for a cross-country trip across New South Wales, Australia with 39 other pilots when a dust devil decides to have some fun with him. He's tossed across the sky, out of control, as his wife, also a pilot, screams in the background. Fortunately, in the end, the paraglider safely lands. Read the rest

Motor-powered paraglider adds a foot-mount camera and goes inverted

Tucker Gott posts lots of great videos of himself whizzing around above his idyllic town on his paramotor-powered paraglider. He just added a foot-mount camera, which is even more vertigo-inducing than a POV shot. Read the rest

Watch these swooping paragliders skim across water in style

Competitive canopy piloting has added a remarkable event where pilots get points for skimming their feet across a shallow water feature and landing within a small square. Points are given for precision and style. Read the rest