Knife-wielding goose patch

This iron-on three-inch patch, inspired by Untitled Goose Game, features an angry or perhaps merely determined goose preparing to commit crimes. It's on the etsy store of Roamin Bison Workshop, which specializes in cool animal pins. [via]

Be Goose Do Crime design!

3x3 inch circle Iron-on backing

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Adulting merit badges

There's an entire set of merit badges for "adulting" [Amazon], each a handsomely-embroidered Scouting-style achievement related to the tasks we can all aspire to complete and qualities to embody. [via @codinghorror]

Many are simply humorous, such as "put on pants" and "abandoned a shopping cart", but others echo a grind of life – "reduced screen time", "paid bills on time", "minded my own business" – that carries the vaguely embittered flavor of Millennials ground-down by their elders but too meek to fight back. That task shall presumably be left to the Zoomer security committees of the coming decade, which may not even have merit badges at all.

These are all iron-on, obviously.

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Heaven's Gate Away Team Patch

After a recent update on the surviving members of the Heaven's Gate cult and their ongoing maintenance of its now-fashionably anachronistic website, (previously) I checked again and found that the Heaven's Gate "Away Team" patches are finally available again for purchase.

The only pair of Nike Decades currently on offer, though, is from someone on eBay who wants $6,600 for a pair. Read the rest