AmazonBasics bike lock picked in the blink of an eye

The LockPickingLawyer has no trouble picking the lock on this AmazonBasics folding bike lock. He says, "the core is, without question, the worst I have ever seen in a bike lock of the type." Read the rest

Watch how easy it is to break into this $100 "smart" lock

Tapplock sells a fingerprint-enabled padlock for $100. Zack was able to defeat it quickly and quietly by twisting off the back plate and removing a couple of screws. Ouch. Read the rest

Have fun picking this see-through padlock

John Edgar Park introduced me to the gentle art of recreational lock-picking. It's fun and potentially useful to know how to tickle tumblers in the right way to open door locks and padlocks. This $(removed) set comes with a clear plastic padlock and a set of lock picking tools so you can see the effects of your probing and prodding. Once you get started on lock picking, you might become hooked.

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