The "sitting and smiling" guy sat and smiled for 8 hours straight yesterday

Benjamin Bennett has a YouTube channel of 300 videos where he silently sits in a corner for four hours and smiles into the camera without taking a break. Yesterday he made an 8-hour video of sitting and smiling.

He also has a newer video series called "Walking and Talking" where he rubber bands a camera to a stick and delivers stream of consciousness philosophical musings for four hours per episode.

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How can stenographers keep up with a speaker

I never knew how those machines that court reporters use to record testimony worked until I watched this video. Stan is a stenographer and he explains how he is able to make a real time transcription of speech. Read the rest

Man writes words with his voice

This fellow has learned to write the word MINIMUM on a computer running a frequency application. Bonus: watch the video with closed captions enabled. Read the rest

Man sings two melodies at the same time

Wolfgang Saus demonstrates polyphonic overtone singing, aka throat singing, aka singing two melodies at the same time. Read the rest