Traditional industrial-scale rope-making is all kinds of neat

When it comes to making rope, there's no school like the old school. I love that, despite the advances made in the areas of fabrication and industrial automation, there are still products made using methods that haven't changed in a century. Some things, as this video from How it's Made illustrates, are better off without updates. Read the rest

Industrial Accident: a short text adventure about going haywire

Industrial Accident is a short text game by John Ayliffe, creator of the amazing Seedship (play). You are (or control) an advanced industrial robot that makes a break for it, but whose freedom has, well, a peculiar direction to it. Read the rest

This 'empathy game' reveals a real challenge for indie games

Anna Anthropy's "sequel to dys4ia" sheds light on the conflicting aftermath of the "empathy games" boom, and the fact so many celebrated creators are still alone and afraid.

New horror text games give voice to marginalized women

"Twine horror games can act as catharsis for both creators and players by claiming ownership of fictionalized terror and fear," writes Carli Velocci in Bitch Magazine.

'They can't unsee what you have made'

If you've played Tom McHenry's Horse Master, share this cool piece of art with all your pals. If you have not played Horse Master I berate and entreat you.

Enjoy an atmospheric horror story about space travel

You've just been accepted to university on Earth; you say farewell to your family and start your comfortable, luxurious trip through space. Once you're on your way, though, you realize you might not be alone.

What happens when your virtual pets die?

GHOSTZ, nested in sincere reflections on the virtual pet heyday of the 1990s, imagines caring for a digital pet's ghost. This can include offering it a bone from its former form ("DISRESPECTFUL") or punishing it with holy water.

Stephen Colbert made a text adventure about getting locked in a closet

Stephen Colbert's new Late Show gig doesn't start till September, so what's he doing in the meantime? According to this game released by his official website, the answer is "stumbling into a closet."

Play it now: You Are A Horse

You Are A Horse is a Twine game where you are a horse. Who robs a bank.

Eczema Orifice Angel collects the lovely, disturbing text games of Porpentine

These critically-acclaimed Twine games have been scattered across the internet like bits of seaglass—until now.

This game will make your morning coffee seem kind of scary

Keurig coffee machines, with their clunking lever, digital menu and environmentally-hazardous pods, are already kind of creepy—and that's even before you're hooked on their precious, precious dark caffeine.

A dungeon game within an experimental documentary book

The author of This Book Is A Dungeon [This Dungeon Is A Book] describes his new project as "a multi-format creative experiment that merges the worlds of game design, interactive fiction, indie authorship, and self-publishing together in one crazy project."

Having Vin Diesel as your dungeon master is really soothing

What would it be like to have actor Vin Diesel gently and encouragingly DM a game of Dungeons & Dragons for you? Thanks to a new Twine game, you don't have to guess, and the result is joyful. Read the rest

Solve an occult mystery with two cake-selling trans women in this interactive Twitter story

Starting at 11 am today, you can help choose the path of this New Orleans adventure with your tweets.

In this elegant ritual horror, giant hornets are everywhere

I love Twine games that are able to create a strong sense of place. Despite being text-only, a beautiful typeface and atmospheric, well-selected words go beyond 'choosing your own adventure', to navigating vivid interconnected chambers. Kitty Horrorshow's strange, oddly-lovely Hornets is vivid, all right. Read the rest

7 cool text games with less than 300 words

The recent Twiny Jam, which challenged anyone and everyone to create their own tiny Twine text game in 300 words or less, has revealed the merit of constraint: The idea was to lower the hurdles to making games for those daunted by the idea, a category that previously included me. Read the rest

Make a text adventure using only 300 words

Do you have about an hour? Can you write 300 words? Then you can—and should—make your own text adventure today. Read the rest

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