President Trump colors U.S. flag wrongly in classroom photo op

As spotted by @2020fight on Twitter. How is this even possible? You can barely move in the United States of America but for all the flags. Flags on the walls, on posters and books. Flags on poles outside schools, like the one he had to walk past to get to this classroom.

The original photo was posted by Alex Alar, the health secretary:

Maybe Trump should kneel before it a while, so he at least knows what it looks like.

I've created a useful graphic of the Trumpamerica Flag:

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The world's average flag

Technically, the flag you see here is the mode of the world's national flags, calculated by first reducing the amount of colors to match heraldic norms. The mean average flag is more subtly detailed, but also just a blur; the median average flag is a bland gray box. Check out the rest, for each continent.

Means were calculated by first converting from sRGB to linear RGB. Modes were calculated by first quantizing to the following heraldic colors: Or, Argent, Azure, Gules, Purpure, Sable, Vert, Tenné, Orange and Bleu Celeste. Omitted heraldic colors include Murrey and Sanguine (as they are very similar to Gules and Purpure) and Cendrée and Carnation (as they are barely used). Medians were calculated by first converting to greyscale using BT.601 luma transform.

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Nebraska flag, flying upside down at State Capitol without notice, may get redesign

Nebraska State Sen. Burke Harr is pushing for a redesign of his state's flag because, well, it sucks. From the Omaha World-Herald:

For 10 days, the state flag, which is hoisted over the State Capitol’s west side when lawmakers are in session, flew upside down.

“Nobody noticed it,” State Sen. Burke Harr told members of the Legislature’s Executive Board. “It took someone drawing it to my attention before it was changed...”

An effort in 2002 to develop a new flag design with the public’s help, however, died after critics called it a blow to the state’s heritage.

Harr brushed off criticism from earlier this month that the state has more pressing issues to deal with, saying that the lawmakers can take a look at the state flag while addressing the looming budget deficit, the troubled Department of Correctional Services and other areas of concern.

“We can walk and chew gum at the same time,” he said.

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