Scrabble Gram suggests naughty answer

200801281135 A BB Reader says: "This is an actual Scrabble Gram that ran in the Washington Post last Friday. The set of first tiles seem to suggest a very dirty answer. I'm not sure how it got past their editor. (The real answer, of course, is entirely G-rated)." Link


  1. Ha! I first thought the dirty answer, then realized it was supposed to be subtext. But that makes the dirty answer even funnier.

    Sad it isn’t spelled with the “secks” suffix (or sufficks?). Scrabble doesn’t roll with the new kids.

  2. Scrabble Gram suggests naughty answer

    Isn’t it your own filthy mind that has suggested the answer? It’s the poor scrabbler who blames the clues… :P

  3. You know, the bottom one can be arranged to say “depoops”. That’s kind of dirty.

    Also, #2 could be a “tad diky.” Or a celebration of “Dikt Day”.

    Hooray for dirty anagrams!

  4. “The real answer, of course, is entirely G-rated”

    And how exactly do you know that “subtext” is the “real” answer?

  5. The NY Magazine’s crossword editor, who’s great, will once in a while use the clue ‘poop out’ for a 4-letter word. The real answer is ‘tire’ but I always think of a certain transitive verb…

  6. This sketch from ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’ (that’s Hugh Laurie, now known as House MD) is about a similar predicament.

  7. I recall a Jumble cartoon where the word solution was supposed to be “spine” but that’s not the word I came up with. I’m still laughing, but then, I am easily amused.

  8. Oh THANK you! I saw this in my local paper (work copy), and no one else I mentioned this to had seen the paper that day. Now I have a link to prove that this actually exists.

    I saw “buttsex” right away, and couldn’t for the life of me get past that to work out the “real” answer.

  9. Grow a penis,
    Spiro Agnew,
    or a spewing
    orange wisp.

    Spiro Agnew
    gains power
    sawing rope.
    Paws region.
    Rigs weapon.
    Wipes organ
    wi. peon’s rag.
    Wrongs a pie,
    pawing sore
    Signora Pew.

  10. Ahem…I went back and fixed my math. You’ll see it in any image that someone takes from my site from now on. Thanks to those who noticed it.

    I was waaaay too busy laughing and waiting for my husband to show up so I could show the puzzle to SOMEONE that I must have lost my ability to add :)

  11. Antinous, just tell me you get the joke, so I can die happy.

    JCNemchek, that’s admirably tidy. Thank you.

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