Anonymous Message to Pastafarianism / Leaked FSM video

Sean Bonner points us to these Pastafarian videos, which seem awfully reminiscent of some recently leaked creepy videos from another cult.

"I won't hesitate to put my noodle in someone else, because I put it ruthlessly in myself."

Anonymous Message to Pastafarianism:

Secret Pastafarian Video Exposed:

Both were created by Ed Adkins.


  1. Did the “Anonymous” message say “a voicemail from Stephen HawkinS“?

    The “original” clip was a skosh too long, without enough insane laughing. This whole situation has been a comedy goldmine; Jerry O’Connell did one, too. (Of course, if, like him, I was sleeping with Rebecca Romijn, I’d be laughing a shitload, too.)

  2. Holy shit, that “anonymous message to pastafarianism” was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Fucking hilarious!

  3. Wow, all that pasta talk’s made me hungry.

    and I can’t say Tom’s little talk ever made me crave science…

  4. why didn’t i see this one coming? hooray for the internets — please don’t ever let me down, and keep ’em coming. it’s good that we don’t take anything *too* seriously, even our jihads against scientology.

  5. Both clips are totally hilarious. So many great lines, but I think my current favorite is “you either believe in the Spaghet-deity, or you believe in the Spaghet-deidont. Think about that.”

  6. This is a parody of this video:

    Which started a whole war against Scientology. There are currently protests being organized in 100+ cities all around the world on February 10. The media are covering it more and more.

    This is now much more than a stupid meme. It’s now a global social event that tries to educate people about the crimes and cons of the Church of Scientology.

    For more information on the movement or if you want to get involved:

  7. I think I’m officially done with “pastafarianism”– we’re talking about a religion that knows it’s fake but pretends it’s real, and somehow that reminds me of Scientology.

  8. This is what would academically be known as “metahumor” as in a joke about a joke or art about Art. It is what I would call meta-metahumor though, since the original Pastafarian religion was itself a humorous (and yet actually logically serious critique of how bizarre Christianity’s creation myths are to this day). I wonder if there’s a word for how the only really good comics don’t just tell a single joke but how a good routine combines joke upon joke to pull the rug out from under your logic more than once so you have nothing to stand on at all? In my continuing quest to pick up girls (who claim “funny” guys are what they want…but it’s actually guys who make fun OF them, i.e. tease them into a child-like state so the guy seems like a sexy, carefree, non-abusive father-figure) I once Amazoned a pile of books written by comics about how to be funny. And they were the *most* depressing books I’d ever read! Why? Because a good comedy routine amounts to a Rube Goldberg array of interlinked bits of tragedy and ruin in the comic’s life.

    Why do rock stars get laid like, uh, rock stars, cut comics have no such reputation? Because they are not leading females in their audience into all five or six major human emotions, and so are not really acting dominant, like even a DJ at a nightclub can manipulate emotional states all around the spectrum by the music he merely chooses. A comic only makes fun of himself in a one-dimensional way. In other words, only top comics, who get a lot of attention get laid a lot. Your typical comic equivalent of a “garage band” neither makes any money, nor has nubile young girls pulling their shirts up to get a backstage pass. Hell, there doesn’t even exist a backstage at most comedy clubs.

    Now if this is all a Scientology publicity scam, then it would be meta–meta-metahumor.

    We are the Roman Empire. Obama, our next emperor, has already converted from Islam to Christianity, and will reveal himself as the earthly voice of Socialist Scientology (and that Pastafarianism was created by Scientology to further undermine Christianity) in his re-election bid at the end of the Mayan Calendar, in 2012.

  9. Congratulations, NikFromNYC! You are batting 1000 for completely incomprehensible, batshit loony comments! Did you learn English from Dr. Bronners’ labels? DILUTE!

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