Gangsta rap video about airport security

TSA Gangstaz is a sophomoric and extremely funny gangsta rap videos about airport security -- "Belt buckle money clip coins keys wallet purse/put some cheese on it run it through." Link (Thanks, Yad!)


  1. This is excellent! One of the better videos on the ‘Tubes that I have seen this year.

    You better lose that Pre-9/11 mentality…

  2. better skip the cheese, TSA Gs

    I was at the Montreal airport on Sunday and was forced to throw out the little tub of cream cheese I’d bought to go with my still-warm MTL bagels. the container was open (I’d eaten some of it). I showed the contents to the security officers who could plainly see it was cheese, not a plastic explosive.

    no go.

    had he cream cheese been spread ON the bagels, it would have been fine. cream cheese in a little plastic tub = obvious security hazard…

    I sat in the waiting area and ate as much as I could stomach and threw the rest away.

  3. In case some people don’t watch it, that starred Zack Selwyn from G4’s Attack of the Show. I knew he did music on the side, but this was the first time I saw something not AOTS-related out of him. If this blows up big enough maybe he’ll end up as part of their “Around the Net” segment. I wonder if that’s contractually possible.

  4. @ #4:

    As a fellow aficionado of Montreal’s delicious bagels, I feel for you.

    Screenerz need to stop bein’ jealous. Don’t hate on the bagels, baby.

  5. Yeah, pretty funny, except for those rhymes about, what was it, sexual assault? HILARIOUS. Can’t somebody make a fantastic parody that doesn’t involve a lone voiceless woman grinding?

  6. “let me squeeze those titties or the terrorists have already won.”

    …i laughed at this for a solid 5 minutes while in the quiet area of the library.

    @ #9:

    fantastic = voiceless woman grinding

    the only way it gets better is if there is moaning woman grinding

  7. I believe he’s saying “D’s”, a reference to the song “Throw Some D’s”. “Dubs” are 20 inch rims for your car. When you put your crap in the bin on the conveyor belt, you are effectively “throwing some D’s on that b****h”.

    Or at least that is my interpretation.

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