Hitler plans Burning Man

Adolf Hitler is the new LOLrus. A sequence of footage from the WWII movie Downfall has been making the rounds for some time now as videojoke fodder, and recently meme-tastasized into this, above: Hitler Plans Burning Man. Previously on BB, we featured a related work on the "downfall" of HD-DVD format, and there are many others on the youtubes, including one in which Hitler expresses annoyance at having become a meme, others in which he is banned from Xbox and World of Warcraft, another in which his car (hm, a volkswagen you say?) is stolen, and others in which he laments having been rejected from various internet fora as a board troll. Because the only thing worse than someone calling you "Hitler" is someone calling you a board troll. (Thanks, Kevin Kelly, and T. Bias)


  1. The funniest one is where he is Hillary Clinton. That captures her essence perfectly.

  2. This is impossible to enjoy if you understand German. The cognitive dissonance of the conflicting audio and subtitles makes my brain hurt!

  3. It’s so funny isn’t it – to see Hitler being a total degenerate! Ha! Doesn’t he belong in a camp somewhere?!

  4. I don’t understand the joke. Hitler was one of the most evil men that ever lived. It would be like making a “humorous” video about a child pornographer that gets rick-rolled instead of watching some 6 year old get sexually molested. Didn’t Hitler commit worse crimes than that? I don’t understand what is so funny about this Hitler meme- perhaps I’m not hardened enough to think it’s funny, but I think that’s a good thing.

  5. Stuckinkiel@4 is right. This is only funny if you don’t know German. If you do, it doesn’t work at all. Maybe somebody could redub the vocals?

  6. it’s a good thing i’m hardened enough to find this funny. it was hilarious.

    as for being hardened- i think the joy of life is finding laughter in EVERYTHING. even if it’s hitler sobbing about Burning Man. And if you’ve gone to BM, then you can relate to this- WOT! No one’s going this year! But I already got my fucking ticket! (thinking about one friend who is bailing on the art project (shameless plug) because his girlfriend isn’t going…

    and yes- best line ever: don’t worry rob’s not voting for mccain…

  7. My personal favorite Hitler parody video:

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Notorious H.I.T., live:

  8. #10, the ultimate destiny of such a great evil is being reduced to inanity on countless internet sites.

    As well as ‘The Producers’.

    Hitler knew how dangerous making fun was, it’s the reason Charlie Chaplin was on his hit list.

  9. @ Lilorfnannie: I must say, I would find a paedo being rickrolled rather hilarious. Poking fun at paedos is certainly fun; I’ve even seen that on TV. I can understand people’s aversions – I really can. But laughing at things like this is about the most important thing in the world.

    Hopefully this meme will encourage some people to watch the actual film, which is about the best film to come out in the past twenty five years.

    (Fanny and Alexander)

  10. lol “Eating tofu in the dark at New College” (an underrated experience)… This is my favorite Untergang remix yet.

  11. Lilorfnannie (#10), the hilarity lies in the absurdity, nothing more. this is the funniest burning man parody i’ve seen in a long, long time. : )))

  12. ^^^ The hilarity does not lie in the absurdity. The absurdity is maybe 10%; it’s the irony of the situation that is the rest and if you don’t get that then I’m laughing ten times harder than you.

  13. Franko – wingnuts don’t “get” absurdist humor because violating social norms is a threat and not funny.

  14. As a someone who versteht Deutsch, as well as a Burner, I completely disagree with those who say that understanding the German ruins the humor here.


  15. well, inverse square, i believe we are quibbling over the same thing. the irony is part of what makes it so absurd.

  16. Lilorfnannie @ #10: I think it helps to remember that this isn’t Hitler himself, it’s an actor (Bruno Ganz, I think?) portraying Hitler in a film. You’re already at least one step removed from reality at the get go, and many more by the time this scene gets remixed. I don’t think that’s waht makes it funny, but it does make it tolerable. I’m not sure this would work as well with footage from the Nuremberg Rally… Besides, trying to understand what makes something funny is a losing proposition.

    To wit, Franko @ #22, are you sure it’s not the absurdity that makes it ironic?

  17. As a german bb reader, I think understanding the language doubles the fun, though the HDDVD one is still my favorite. As #23 noted, these are mostly aimed at the pathos-ridden Bruno Ganz/Untergang/Downfall BS, wich well deserves it imho.

    As a sidenote, while all the hitler parodies work, the stolen car one leads me to the

    “This video is not available in your country.”

    message. What I learned today is: Making fun of hitler is fine arround here, but comedies involving a stolen volkswagen are not ;)

  18. My personal favourite is Titler:


    (more here. Don’t on any account visit his website, it will break your eyes).

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  20. Thank you, anonymous one; your site allowed me to view Hitler Meme – the funniest Downfall re-caption I’ve seen yet.

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