Silly raccoon flips into handstand — then continues to walk upside-down on front paws (video)

A Colorado raccoon visited a water bowl while out on late night stroll when it suddenly felt a bit silly. So silly, in fact, that it flipped into a handstand, continuing its walk upside-down on its two front paws.

"After researching online, it appears to be a thing they do," said Twitter/X's Camera Trap Sue, who caught the critter's stunt on her outdoor cameras that she set up to record such candid moments. (See her hilarious video montage, from three different cameras, below, posted by ABC.)

But the raccoon's acrobatic excursion was highly unusual, even for the Colorado animal enthusiast, who added, "In over 15 years of constant camera trapping, this is only the second time I have this behavior recorded." Thank you for sharing!