Elmo plays Joe Pesci with De Niro in Casino reenactment


11 Responses to “Elmo plays Joe Pesci with De Niro in Casino reenactment”

  1. artfreakydude says:

    the way these are spliced together really ruin the effect for me, i was much more impressed with the spongebob cast voiceovers of classic movies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwZlFBVUb0s

  2. Seedouble says:

    This one’s really good.

    Goodfellas vs. Sesame Street live action film.

  3. JG says:

    This is a side of Elmo I have heard about. I hope to NEVER get on Elmo’s bad side!

  4. CastanhasDoPara says:

    Aiai!! Actually all of this stuff just got better and better. The Bert and Ernie redub was pretty damn spot on. And I also laughed hard on the spongebob redub. Good work.

  5. Editz says:

    While we’re on the subject of mash-ups, here’s an oldie:


  6. bobarke says:

    I actually preferthis version, if only for the last 30 seconds in which Ernie really gets in Bert’s face.

  7. Billistic says:

    I’ve finally got a submission credit.

    I guess if you really want something you have to not try.

  8. Billistic says:

    bobarke, that’s the link I originally submitted linked to.

  9. eustace says:

    Thanks for the link, artfreakydude!
    I’m voting Bert & Ernie for the Casino dub, but I wish they had picked better material.

  10. akbar56 says:

    Bobarke, that version is a far superior mash up.

  11. jimh says:

    Ernie and Bert FTW!
    Bert does a much better De Niro than De Niro. I love his nervous over the shoulder glances.

    Also, I almost fell out of my chair when Ernie Pesci starts tapping Bert on the head and squeezing his nose. Gold!

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