Internet catfight

If we're doing puppy chase scenes, let there be equal blog time here for kitten sparring videos with a dramatic surprise ending. "Kitten Surprise!!!" [YouTube, thanks Coop]


  1. Hard to believe that was from Coop, until the very end.
    Two cute chasers in a row. Thanx, Xeni!

  2. That’s what I’ve come to expect from BoingBoing. Instant gratification. Thanks Xeni.

    I love how the other cats just look up as if to say, “Hey. You’re throwing up on the floor.”

  3. Yawn.. {scratch] …. what happened while I was gone?

    Well, on any account… I blame the Masons.

  4. Notice how the third little knucklehead carefully walks to the edge of the newspaper before heaving up?

    THIS is why I’ve been owned by so many cats…the sheer entertainment value of them.

  5. Kitten C was obviously disgusted by the lack of ruthlesness displayed by his siblings.

  6. cats… horrible creatures. even as babies they try to scratch each others’ eyes out. let this be a warning to all humans.

  7. whatcha think happens when two fighting cats finally throw down?

    another throws up!



  8. I saw the title of this post and thought this was about the “Fight of the Century”, “boingboing vs. Violet Blue”.

    But, I luv kittens.

  9. @ Frank_in_Virginia:
    If it makes you feel any better all references to that one cat were del,er…disap,ah…unpubl,umm…

    They don’t like ’em no more.

  10. One of my favorite kitten videos:

    I especially love when Little Jazzhands tries to hold the box closed around 1:15.

  11. Watching it without sound was even better. I couldn’t hear if the third cat was making any sounds and I imagined he/she was maybe yipping or doing something uncat-like, hence the surprise, and then…SURPRISE!

    I LOL’d

  12. @# 17: Considering the nature of the “Kitten Surprise”, the “Pickle Surprise” could have been very nasty indeed.

  13. So cute… yet SOO inappropriate to watch as I eat breakfast.

  14. HAHA that’s disgusting.
    That’s the kind of crap I step in, only its more pink. My cat loves Salmon Fancy Feast. Nothing’s too good for my Victor!

  15. I guess this is my excuse to post this compilation video I just found featuring scads of clips of cats wrasslin’ and acting crazy:

  16. Seeing the headline, I imagined this would have something to do with deleted entries. ;)

    For the censor’s convenience:

    Sng th hdln, mgnd ths wld hv smthng t d wth dltd entrs. ;)

  17. And that kids, is how you get ur parents (or anyone for that matter) to stop fighting….

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