Eccentric dude puts lyrics to famous film scores (like Batman!)

David Markland, the Captain/Author of LA Metblogs (formerly Metroblogging LA) says:

This dude, Andrew Goldenberg, has a bunch of music videos he's made putting lyrics to every note of some of the best known film themes of our times. Absolutely brilliant. Take note of Batman and Back to the Future especially!
Odd L.A. Spotlight: Andrew Goldenberg [LA Metblogs]


  1. The videos…oh, gods, the eyes…what has been seen…cannot be unseen!

    Still, the audio is amusing. Good candidate for ‘click play, alt-tab’.

  2. Ouch. Ouch. That’s, that’s just, well, I mean… We all have impulses. Sometimes you just gotta follow them. Other times…

  3. Who knew that all superhero theme songs were really arias?

    Thanks for turning all of those theme songs into some new tracks that will soon be labeled with those “this song used in torture” stickers.

  4. ha! I don’t know if I’d record it and put it on the internet, but I love doing this.

    I used to do it for videogame themes all the time. Like Final Fantasy 1 (US) for the NES… overworld music… “We are the Light Warrior we KICK some ass!” etc.

    Lets not forget that this has a fine history, going back at least to Bill Murray and the Star Wars theme:

  5. Bravo, these are hilarious.
    Batman is the weakest one, though, so click through and watch one of the other ones.

  6. I started doing this because of the Bill Myrray lounge lizard Star Wars one.

    I completely ruined the Harry Potter theme for a friend. Didn’t mean to, but dangit, the words fit!

    I love this Andrew guy.

  7. Well, I don’t know about everyone else but now I don’t have to see this new Batman flick at all. Let the Oscar buzz begin!

  8. Let’s face it…even the lamest, tackiest lyrics this guy came up with…

    blow away Roddenberry’s lyrics to the Original Series Trek theme. A tune so awful that all recordings of it have been scorched off the internets (at least, I can’t find one).

  9. amazing! colossal! ASTOUNDING!

    When can I buy the DVD collection of these masterpieces? (Sorry, if you’re not into the kitch/ scene, you just won’t get the fabtabulousness of it all.)

  10. One of my Goldentusk faves is the Indiana Jones rendition:


    Especially the part where he dramatically intones, “Kill all the snaaaakes…”

    It’s not just the parodied music that’s funny, it’s the fitting visuals that add an extra dimension to the whole song-and-dance. :)

  11. Haha, doesn’t hurt that the vocals make the whole thing sound more like a Danny Elfman musical piece. I never used to think that the Batman score stuff sounded like Elfman, but, man, throw some lyrics on and it sounds like it could be from Sweeny Todd or Corpse Bride.

  12. I think that Weird Al Yankovic has just been one-upped. Well, maybe “up” is just a little generous…

  13. I’ve just seen the one for Batman, and I am very impressed with it, it kept my interest. The idea is excellent, this piece would seem to be at home in a Batman play or musical if that’s possible. I appreciate the singer being able to hit the notes well. I think it is smart, it hints at the story, it provides insight to the character, with an appreciable musical choreography. Nicely done.

    A lot of stuff on the net deserves to be gonged, but for this I wouldn’t even threaten to pull out the hammer, I’d want to hear the whole thing.

  14. surprisingly more than decent, I for one would go into a Musical Theatre to watch a show made by this guy.

  15. If he didn’t play it so deadpan, the video wouldn’t have been half as funny. Great stuff.

  16. #31 Rob O

    I always thought it sounded like classic Elfman. (You do know that he did compose the Batman theme right?

    You can tell almost instantly from the Beetlejuice theme, or the Simpsons, or Tales from the Crypt, or Batman that it is Elfman just by the music. No singing required.

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