Toaster for your PC


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  1. Brainspore says:

    Didn’t the Onion already do this gag a couple of years ago with their “USB Toaster” gift box?

  2. mdhatter says:

    I want a USB waffle iron.

  3. n says:

    the comments made me lol. i loves you people. in particular, @5. win!

  4. Derek Quenneville says:

    I wish it was real! It’s really too bad that there haven’t been many advances in consumer toasting technology.

    Every once in a while someone trots out a home-made or school-made project that can toast a customizable pattern or weather data pulled from a network — but nothing ever becomes an actual product! (There is a Hello Kitty face toaster, but the pattern is static.)

    Someone did show me Toastabags the other day though.. They can be used to grilled cheese sandwiches in your toaster:

  5. Anonymous says:

    First time I used this device a profile of Leonardo Da Vincci’s face appeared on one side of my toast. Was about to scrap both the toast and my computer when it hit me! No, not ebay. There is a hidden code embedded by aliens in all computers that’s only decipherable on toast set at medium. Have been in contact with Tralfamidore for weeks now and predict huge leap in toast technology if we ever get the hole bagel thing sorted out.

  6. seyo says:

    This reminds me of the EZ Bake oven hoax by the fine folks at ThinkGeek. I wish it was real would be super cool to have.

    But anyway, this looks totally shopped, I can tell from some of the pixels, plus my friend has photoshop and I have used it before, and I have seen a lot of shops before.

  7. miss_ali1984 says:

    I also need that USB Forman Grill. Stat.

  8. hemidemisemiquaver says:

    Great! Now they just need a cupholder so people stop using the CD tray for that purpose.

  9. hawkins says:

    This sounds great! But I think I’ll need to beef up my power supply a little.

  10. Legith says:

    But does it have a mini-fridge to compete with the toaster mac?

  11. Rob Cockerham says:

    I just got this app for my iPhone.

  12. flamingphonebook says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to make the toaster itself a heat sink, using the CPU heat to toast the bread, rather than generating its own heat? And if not a toaster, there ought to be something better to do with excess heat than to shove it into a hunk of metal and then to the air.

  13. Ugly Canuck says:

    Powdered toast man would always be within reach.

  14. oliver dyas says:

    You’re forgetting the late, great Acorn Computers (of whom ARM are a spin-off company) and their revolutionary RiscPC complete-with-a-pizza-oven cases.

  15. joshhaglund says:

    uh, you do realize this was an april fools joke. right?

  16. susan28 says:

    “the insufferable pain of going to the kitchen” ..

    yes! it’s positively stoneage!!

    but you don’t need water cooling, just install refrigerator coils between the toaster and cold-storage area (located between toaster and harddrive) and you’ve got a functioning kitchen!

    but oh, the insufferable pain of transferring a bread slice from fridge to toaster..

    what is indicated is a robotic arm that is operated by brain-implanted transponder to transfer from fridge to toaster, and from toaster to mouth; this would also have the “fridge benefit” of kitchen functions only being accessible to the computer’s owner. extrnal hat-mounted transponder could be supplied for occasions when owner is too fatigued to muster the necessary brainwaves and needs a friend to make the toast.

  17. cajunfj40 says:

    I once did a quick lookup on CPU max operating temps to see if I could find one that had both a high enough max operating temp and a high enough power usage to act as a coffeemaker. None fit the bill, though a few could act as “keep the coffee warm” devices so long as you kept them running full-tilt. I had seen the “coffeemaker case mod” (or photoshop, or the case had no computer in it anymore, don’t recall) from a while back and wanted to see if I could make it work without adding an extra heating element.

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