Preview of MAD's 20 Dumbest of the Year


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  1. Avram says:

    Flwombat @3, as far as I can find, they didn’t overtly feed the “He’s a Muslim” rumor, so I guess you’ve got one point. But Palin did accuse Obama of “palling around with terrorists”.

    The Mad piece lists “He’s a terrorist” as something shouted by a McCain and/or Palin supporter at a rally, which actually happened, and which Palin clearly helped bring on with her “palling around” comment.

  2. Banksynergy says:

    Let me get this straight… when a company asks if you want to ‘leak’ part of their upcoming magazine… it’s not called ‘advertising’? I am getting oooooold.

  3. Mitch_Skool says:

    Your (Freudian) slip is showing. McCain<>Cheney but I can understand the confusion.


  4. Kieran O'Neill says:

    #3, #4: This? (It may not have been officially linked to the campaign, however…)

    #5: It’s MAD, they’re exempt. :p

  5. dalziel_86 says:

    And I didn’t even realise Cheney was running…

  6. flwombat says:

    Umm, pretty sure that’s not Cheney.

    In fact the MAD piece suggests that the McCain camp was shopping “he’s a muslim” and “he’s a terrorist”, which is not true AFAIK.

    McCain’s campaign was worthy of mockerage in lots of ways, including general “he’s other, he’s different, ooo!” scare tactics, but I’m pretty sure the “he’s a muslim” thing was a line they did not cross.

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