Hospital fetish restaurant in Latvia


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  1. Takuan says:

    no need to get personal

  2. Drowse says:

    anyone else think these two ‘nurses’ look like they could be straight out of Little Britain?

  3. jahknow says:

    “I want you to relax… and breathe deeply. Breathe deeply. – I like this song. – Of course you do. Welcome to your relaxation time….”

  4. Ugly Canuck says:

    Palilay: Riots in Lithuania; Estonia, not yet. I used to hang out with a Latvian. easy to get these tiny Baltic states mixed up.
    Wasn’t Lenin born in Riga, Latvia?
    PS Also hear old Riga town is worth seeing.

  5. Michael says:

    JJasper: HAHAHA!

  6. Jack says:

    True enough, but the issue of style over substance in restaurants extends past novelty restaurants like this. Even some “great” restaurants in NYC are merely circus sideshows to different degrees. Heck, any local Irish “pub” that’s not in a deeply Irish neighborhood is a sham.

    So heck, this is cool. But the red wigs are asinine. Maybe just wigs if they want to keep even bangs on all of the waitresses, but nothing wreaks of bad sorority party or a bachelorette “wigging out” than uniformly bright/colored wigs.

  7. Clay says:

    This looks a lot more inviting than the “medical prison” themed Alcatraz ER in Japan.

    Although the proprietor of that place seems like a truly awesome dude.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This restaurant owners are two famous latvian doctors, it’s not latvian humor, but doctors black humor IMHO.

    And restaurant is really nice – bright rooms, nice smell of food, and tasy meals.

  9. chasie says:

    That “nurse” on the right seems kinda manly to me.

  10. Patrick Dodds says:

    That pizzacake thing on the right looks weird and unpleasant, the waitress less so – I love the touch provided by the glasses.

  11. Karnuvap says:

    I thought of a restaurant catering to would-be cannibals.
    Chicken or pork (because that’s what we taste like, apparently) is skilfully re-shaped (by redundant or trainee plastic surgeons) into human hand or foot or shaped pieces before cooking and serving.

    I wouldn’t eat there because I’m not mad.

  12. Patrick Dodds says:

    Dang – meant on the left…

  13. EeyoreX says:

    I hope the next step is a restaurant-themed hospital. Where all the doctors wear chef’s whites.

  14. Bazilisk says:

    Those are not Fifth Element wigs. Those are NURSE JENNY f(Pokemon) wigs. God, people, get with your 90′s kids anime references here!

    At least I could see the nurse Jenny wigs spreading from pokemon to anime cosplay to fetish cosplay to…nurse costumes.

  15. Bazilisk says:

    ‘scuse me I mean Nurse Joy. Pokemon knowledge a little rusty, it being 10 years ago, when I was 10.

  16. noen says:

    “That “nurse” on the right seems kinda manly to me.”

    I thought that too but I believe I’m wrong. It’s an illusion caused by the fact that they are in drag. They look like they belong in Lazy Town.

  17. Clayton Hove says:

    Instant flashback to being a kid in the hospital and the dreaded approaching sound and smell of the metal food box push card thingie. In particular, those awful sterilized instant potatoes had an unnatural air about them that terrify me to this day.

    I’ll much rather take the Olivia De Berardinis interpretation of a nurse over this.

  18. consideredopinion says:

    I seem to recall this restaurant theme already being deployed in Taiwan or Singapore somewhere.

  19. MPC says:

    This is great there should be more theme restaurants like this in North America. There is the Medieval Times with franchises in most of North America and if I recall they are quite successful. There is also a Pirate Times I believe is under development.

  20. Daemon says:

    It’s a cosplay cafe, just in latvia instead of japan…

  21. Takuan says:

    how about a slaughterhouse theme where they herd you through a maze and then feed you in pens? I won’t tell you how the check arrives.

  22. Drabula says:

    Riga is a great city AND it has the most beautiful women per sq km I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ll definitely check it out next time I go back.

  23. Hiroshi Taniguchi says:

    Do you suppose they keep a decent track system for all those lovely snacks that they serve? I am told that hospitals are very focused on tracking of bacteria and other less pleasant realities of human interactions. It does look very promising.

  24. jjasper says:

    Is Latvian Women’s Wrestling and Food Service Olympic Team. Is merging departments due to economy.

  25. Quiet Noises says:

    #21, neighboring Estonia does have a Soviet theme park, it can’t be much different…

    Hopefully this’ll give my friends something else to talk about than Tequila Boom. It seems like the only place any goes to party in Riga is this tequila bar where they serve up meter sticks of tekiils, and the way it’s talked about, you’d think it’s the only place to drink in the whole city.

  26. Marcel says:


    I think you’ve just might have found new business opportunities for Blackwater U.S.A. after the withdrawal.

    Would make an interesting menu!

  27. TJ S says:

    Sorry, the whole idea of eating in a hospital is ruined for me (as is the sexy nurse).
    Having a wife, mother-in-law, and mother as nurses ruins the allure.

  28. maestro_wu says:


    Yes, there are hospital/nurse/medical themed bars in _both_ Singapore and Taiwan. :)

    I’ve been to the one in Taiwan a few times (which calls itself “DS Music Party”, oddly). It’s great for a laugh, and the staff, er, nurses all seem to be in on the camp feel. Beers are served from IV-like containers, the bathroom is labeled “Emergency Room”, the kitchen is the “Pharmacy”, and so on.

    The one in Singapore seemed a horrible, loud, glass-and-steel place, with the hospital theme being done seriously, so I passed on that one.

  29. EH says:

    Where’s Damien Hirst?

  30. pelrun says:

    What’s next, Chicken Chasseur in a stool bucket? *shudder*

  31. help i cant comfirm my username themelonbread says:

    Has no one here seen that No Reservations episode in Singapore? There’s a restaurant called Aurum where diners eat on operating room tables with their cutlery in the shelves, and sit on wheelchairs.

  32. Bathblogger says:

    For 219 pounds you can go from London to Latvia. Spend a couple of pounds on the food and get back on the same day. Isn’t it a great plan?
    Latvian rules!

  33. imipak says:

    * remembers Dave Lister serving up a feast using kidney bowls, sample bottles, scalpels for knives… doesn’t seem to be on yt though.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a “Little Britain – USA” sketch. Think I would prefer going to “Heart Attack Grill”

  35. Lord Xenu says:

    Well, nothing says “Great Food and Atmosphere” like a hospital, so this kind of makes sense.

  36. gretagretchen says:

    Hmmm looks like a great place for to shoot

  37. TheChickenAndTheRice says:

    That explains why I’ve never been to Latvia – it’s a cheesy theme park!

  38. Palilay says:

    This is cool..

    If people are curious about Latvia they should google the riots in Latvia and Estonia, and the generally deteriorating situation in the Baltic states due to Russian influence.

    If the Russians get their way stories like these will be few and far between – it will be like the dark ages of Russian occupation again.

  39. Takuan says:

    I’ll bet that bathroom gets used quickly.

  40. Fee says:

    Although I am generally in favour of anything to combat the cloned food outlet plague on our streets, with Starbucks and McDonald’s on every corner, it would be great if an imaginative restaurant included edible food, too.

  41. Gilbert Wham says:

    Eep! Restaurant based on the level designs for F.E.A.R. more like.No likee.

  42. GuidoDavid says:

    Helloooooooo, Nurse!

  43. earbox says:

    Apparently 7 lats is about 13 bucks American. That’s not bad for a meal.

  44. Maxi Malone says:

    President of Latvia, who declined to appear, must have thought: Sounded good at the time.

    May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

  45. noen says:

    I hope you autoclaved those damn things first. But I suppose people can get used to anything. Except for pathology, I could never get used to the smells coming from there.

  46. jjasper says:

    Don’t order the steak and kidney pie. Last guy who did woke up in a bathtub full of ice.

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