Giant squid cake


I wish there were more information about this tasty-looking giant squid cake!

See also: my Flickr set of bizarre cakes.


  1. WoW geek here. Seems like the perfect cake for US-Lightninghoof, where shouting “GIANT SQUIDS!” at someone is a common greeting.

  2. Cool, I know what to eat before I see the upcoming Watchmen movie.

    Because, obviously we won’t get any squid from that….

  3. These art cakes can be very handsome, but anyone who has been served a chunk of fondant-enrobed (or marzipan fondant) cake knows it’s about looks, not food quality. The blue base is probably far better.

  4. TAKU!!!!!!!

    Shield your eyes, it’s just cake, I promise, just cake..

    Like gingerbread men, and jellybabies.. they don’t mean it, really.

    Put those away.. c’mon, please.. petawatt-laser-tentacles aren’t going to solve this.. it’ll just make you feel better for now, but you’ll feel horrid later.. won’t you. Won’t you?


  5. I’m not sure how I feel about all these new playdoh cakes I’m seeing… What happened to frosting, who decided to replace it with playdoh? How dare you make me distrust cake :(

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