"Unicorn And Nude Obama on Vacation in Hawaii" Fan-art


16 Responses to “"Unicorn And Nude Obama on Vacation in Hawaii" Fan-art”

  1. Halloween Jack says:

    Applying sunscreen… with a hoof?!? Ow ow ow ow! I’ll stick with the classics, thanks[NSFW].

  2. Hamish MacDonald says:

    “I was drunk. It didn’t mean anything.”

  3. Bonnie says:

    So is this a UILF?

  4. jackie31337 says:

    gabrielm @5: I’m afraid to follow that link at work… or anywhere else for that matter.

  5. eustace says:

    I’m shocked! Such lurid, licentious, depraved, so-called “art”, such, ah, suggestively curved brushstrokes, such… eh…(begins to stammer and blush furiously)

  6. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Community Manager says:

    I see from Lacey’s site that he’s painted Oolong. I’d wondered whether that was where he got the “pancake on your head” meme.

    QueensVirtue, that comes close to being an ad.

  7. Hamish MacDonald says:

    “Lord, how am I going to explain this to Michelle?”

  8. HappySmurfday says:

    No unicorn chaser for seeing Obama’s ass?

  9. pelrun says:

    Geez, is Data painting again?

  10. Evil Jim says:

    I get it. This painting is its own Unicorn Chaser. Clever.

  11. QueensVirtue says:

    There is a beautiful portrait of Michelle and Barack painted by fine artist Josh Wisdumb at http://www.joshwisdumb.com. Check it out!

  12. jahknow says:

    I have to draw the line at interspecies mating.

  13. malex says:

    Dan Lacey is also famous for his “Faithmouse” comics, an extremely right-wing Catholic strip that was popular among the Free Republic crowd for a while. I think he got tired of the partisanship at some point, so he started brutally parodying Mallard Fillmore and got into furry porn.

    He’s a curious fellow.

  14. gabrielm says:

    How about this for a unicorn chaser?
    Nude Obama defeats a nude Rush Limbaugh. Also by Dan Lacey.

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