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i want candy
name that candy bar
nunu chocolates
deep fried creme egg
lollipop cat (shown above)
mexican sugar skulls
battenberg simulator
cake wrecks
tangerine sherbet
liz wolfe

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  1. Did you know that felines cannot taste sweet food? They’re missing the gene that encodes a taste receptor called T1R2. Actually, the gene is found in their genomes but foobared. Pretty good argument against intelligent design.

    Here’s the article.

  2. My cat has a small basket with some lollypops in it as toys. He paws them out of the basket (quite challenging) and hockeys with the lollypops, and carries them upstairs. He breaks the lollypops, tears open the packaging, and leaves the sugary pieces all over the hallway for me to find :-P

    I haven’t caught him eating any of it, though.

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