The Twenty Weirdest TV Interviews of All Time


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  1. ill lich says:

    How did I know that the Letterman vs. Crispin Glover clip would be #1?

  2. hukes says:

    Did Batman said Spiderman? Ha! He was crossovering in TV without authorization (I guess)!

  3. Trent Hawkins says:

    Super King? Isn’t that Bender’s super hero name?

  4. BrianMc says:

    The Adam West vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler interview is just another prime example of why it was so great to grow up in Memphis during this time. Dave Brown, the man giving the interview, was a local hero to kids with a Sunday morning variety show. You never knew what you’d get with the Sunday wrestling that followed.

  5. solarwolfman says:

    sufferin succotash!

  6. Micah says:

    Lots of questionable choices on that list. For example, why go with a humdrum Tracy Morgan interview from Letterman, when there’s this gem from a local station in El Paso.

  7. EH says:

    Nerve is the worst at whatever it is they do, which is six ideas poorly executed. This is just a compilation of other peoples’ “Top-10 wacky interviews” that crop up from year to year.

  8. Roach says:

    The Manson video is fascinating and everyone should see it.

    The all-time weirdest interview I’ve ever seen, though, is this one of Richard Pryor:

    It’s amazing.

  9. InsertFingerHere says:

    It’s not TV, but this interview-based doc is fascinating cuz it shows such a little man thrust onto the large stage of history. He makes sure facts never get in the way of him and his spotlight.

  10. microcars says:

    I wish I could find the Tom Snyder/Tomorrow Show interview where he got stuck with a guy who changed his name to a number.

    He was stuck with him for almost a half hour if I recall and it was excruciating to watch as the guy had nothing he wanted to say and Tom tried everything to get him to talk.

    The next day’s show opened with Tom showing off a Sympathy card he had received because of the interview:
    “Much Sympathy on the Death of Your Show [date]”

  11. Ratdog says:

    I’m really surprised that I’ve never seen/heard of the Jean Claude Van Damme one before.

  12. skatanic says:

    Wow, all this just goes to show that Mr. Letterman is now, and forever will be, late night King.

  13. shokk says:

    Certainly Bud Dwyer ranks up there with weirdest TV interview moments. Yep.

  14. beepy says:

    I don’t agree West is drunk; it sounds more like the audio is as fatigued as the video. His rambling is what happens when an actor works without a script. Or even a real premise. The stripes on his sleeves, I cannot excuse.

  15. grimc says:

    For a while I was wondering if they’d forgotten all about the Crispin Glover interview.

    Glover’s LA phone number used to be listed (it may still be, I don’t know) and when you called you got a rambling recording about some sort of art project he was doing. It was like your very own Glover/Letterman interview, sans karate kick.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe they left out Dave’s interview with Harmony Korrine. One of the best/worst ever!

  17. Dungeonbrownies says:

    I can imagine he got drunk and tried to wake up by hot coffee, burned his tongue, then decided to do this half drunk and slurring. itd explain everything. wonder if hed explain it if someone asked…

  18. Anonymous says:

    The omission of Tom Snyder’s 1981 interview with Charles Manson isn’t just inexplicable. It’s criminal.

  19. Alexandre Van de Sande says:

    i have no idea whats happening here but I do kind of wish to see a mashup where 60´s batman figths christian bales batman..

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      I do kind of wish to see a mashup where 60´s batman fights christian bales batman.

      I’m pretty sure that Adam West would have demolished him with a bon mot and one raised eyebrow.

  20. MrJM says:

    While the gentleman on the right is Jerry Lawler, the fella on the left isn’t really Batman — it’s actually a very drunk Tony Clifton disguised as Batman.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it. Why was the Iggy interview even on this list. He was sincere, seemingly sober, and fairly articulate. So what’s the big deal?

  22. mcgringostarr says:

    I’m glad they included Kaufman, ’cause Joaquin Phoenix seems to be doing an homage to him.

    I don’t know why they went with IGGY on Tom Snyder…the Public Image interview is excruciatingly uncomfortable and far superior.

  23. Big Ed Dunkel says:

    James Brown, Soul Brother #1.

  24. Nesbitt says:

    Tom Waites “interviewed” by Don Lane, Australian television, late 70s. Truly extraordinary moment. Tom can’t lift his head to answer any of the host’s questions, totally wasted, then rouses himself to say in deep gravel-honey voice “You… you gotta lotta good people workin’ for you Mr. Lane.” End. TV Magic!

  25. dougr650 says:

    Wow. The Crispin Glover/Letterman interview was etched permanently into my consciousness when it originally aired, and I can still recall it vividly. It was the most bizarre thing I’d ever seen on TV at the time. Definitely deserves #1.

  26. BlackPanda says:

    I hope David “I am Jesus” Blaine’s TVAM interview is on there, with the eye-hand.

  27. alisong76 says:

    I knew this would be a largely US-based list, so I wasn’t surprised to see two of my favourites omitted:

    Meg Ryan not being interviewed by Michael Parkinson – apparently the dislike is pretty mutual
    Pt 1
    Pt 2

    Iggy Pop high on Countdown

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