Treasure trove of godawful comic book covers

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The covers from this old UK comic book called Fantasy are sterling exemplars of bulldada. I like the cover lines on the issue with the flipper-armed dinosaur: "They were used to conquest but this was a strange enemy" and "Featuring! The Crusade that was different."

Lionel Fanthorpe Badger Books Cover Gallery (Via Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine)


  1. Does that dinosaur have tiny flippers? I don’t think there was an attempt at making a weird and wild creature, but a painting mistake.

  2. Thanks for the link Mark!
    What a great treasure trove of images and zany subtext.

    My favorite:
    Who were these fantastic women…..why did they disturb his eternal rest?
    (a 1,000 years on, sf050.htm)

  3. Eh, the artwork isn’t bad. You should check out some of the super hero comics from the 50’s and 60’s, especially the ones where Batman fights a new alien and/or monster/dinosaur each month instead of street level crime.

  4. Some dinosaurs do actually have flippers. However they do not usually have flippers for arms, and big giant legs at the same time.

  5. These ARE pretty fantastic. Whenever I see ones this bad, I’m always tempted to write a micro sized story for each cover. Maybe I will. More like this!

  6. isn’t this the comic that the dad in back to the future was reading? the title looks vaguely familiar

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