"Homeland Security" monitors US citizen's house


Tom says:

When I bought my house last summer, this sticker was on the front door. I never bothered to actually read it until I decided to replace the door.

Sure, I knew it was a possibility, but I never thought they'd be so blatant about it!


  1. its simple, security company is called “Homeland”. Thats a really nice brand name, I bet it scares the crap out of burglars.

  2. I got two of these included with a security camera purchased from Wal*Mart two years ago.

    Can’t find a manufacturer’s page, but here’s the Amazon view of the Homeland Security brand products: http://tinyurl.com/abf36l

  3. Dude, if I worked for these guys I would be SO flashing my card at restaurants and what have you.
    “Damn right I work for Homeland Security! Now give me your best table (I’m on surveillance…).”

  4. Heh. Homeland Security is an (apparently Chinese) manufacturer of cheap ‘security’ products. I have a Homeland Security paper shredder I got from the bargain bin at Office Depot. Had to repair it after 3 days.

    The name gave me a chuckle. I figure naming a company after a creepy semi-orwellian government agency made perfect sense to someone in China.

  5. angrystan @11 Join the club, Chief. Now I have to put on pants every time I check the mail.

    Why? I figure if anybody is going to the trouble of watching me, I might as well make sure they get a good show.

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