PooH & Ice


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  1. mdh says:

    I want it to be a smack and meth delivery service.

  2. JudgeDredd says:

    What’s funny? Is it the use of capitalization? It is not a delivery vehicle. It is a service for removing dog poop and ice.

  3. tompolley says:

    Fi…di…? Good lord, We’ve all been hearing painfully fake acro-names for New York neighborhoods for years, but that’s unusually belabored. I guess that we could call the park by City Hall TriFiDi, and when we leave it, we can all wave and shout, “Bye, TriFiDi!”

    Like the “PooH and IcE”, though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Polonium Hydroxide and uh.. Iodine Cerate?

  5. retchdog says:

    @22: There’s also Max SoHa. It’s a nice little Italian place at Amsterdam and 122.

    And people do still say SoHa.

  6. hglucky says:

    Poopcicles maybe?

  7. ericM says:

    Hi Folks,
    Eric (who took the photo here); thanks for the interest. Yes; I can’t lay claim to FiDi, which – though agreeably disturbing – has been in use for a while. And the source of the truck is very mysterious. I myself tried Google-ing the name and address info, to no clear avail. Upon returning to the corner to see if there was a driver or someone I could inquire of, it was gone (of course!). If I see it again I’ll try my best to investigate further.

  8. JudgeDredd says:

    #2 Thanks. Now I get it. This is not very funny.

  9. mrmule says:

    oooo can it be ‘Mr. CooL ICE’ time nao pleez?


  10. ryuthrowsstuff says:

    I’m sorry DUMBO will always be the most annoying, labored NYC faux neighborhood name.

  11. jahknow says:

    Apparently, Vanilla Ice’s music career never really picked up again

  12. atomelectron says:

    Broad and Beaver…..hu huh hu ha ha Beavis he said Beaver

  13. BrotherPower says:

    Pooh and Ice?

    That’s a stabbin’.

  14. olmsteader says:

    Was the address 18 Beaver?

  15. maturin says:

    When the phone rings for a service calllllllyou know they are hoping Ice.

  16. tompolley says:

    #2 here, the original guy whining about “FiDi”. Eric, I’m sorry if I seemed bitchy about the phrase. I know you didn’t create it, and it really is a funny picture. SoSor, and ThaYo for the image.

  17. pAULbOWEN says:

    Ah, financial district! Syllables take time and time is money I guess. Perhaps I’ll start calling the City of London ‘CiLo’…actually I really like CiLo, can’t see it taking off though.

  18. WalterBillington says:

    #28, you got there 13 seconds before me!

  19. tkahvesi says:

    This went from funny to mysterious for me. 11419 is Ozone Park’s zipcode, all right, but there ain’t no Crosby Ave in that zip. Could the spelling be so ludicrously bad that they meant “Cross-Bay?” Or is this a see-something say-something moment?

  20. Daemon says:

    A honey-loving bear on skates.

  21. LB says:

    What’s next, CiLi?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think this might be related:
    “Hip hop icon, entertainment mogul Ice Cube and legendary DJ Pooh announced today the launch of the world’s first real-time streaming television network online, UVNTV.com (U View Network Television).”
    How many pooh – ice collaborations could there be?

    Nicklaus’s CHESS

  23. jimh says:

    DJ’s maybe?

    But putting only a street address, and no phone number or url in this day/age?

    Perhaps a nice handwritten letter? “Dear Sir/Madam, I am inquiring about your PooH and or IcE service, having seen your auto-mobile parked in lower Manhattan. I was intrigued by the signage displayed upon it, and hurried to my writing-desk immediately to pen this missive…”

  24. KanedaJones says:

    @#14 Anonymous

    “I think this might be related:
    Hip hop icon, entertainment mogul Ice Cube and legendary DJ Pooh announced today the launch of the world’s first real-time streaming television network online, UVNTV.com (U View Network Television).”

    I’n not saying you are one, but it makes me think that its hillarious if someone came up with a underground marketing idea like this, then had to spend all their time going around blogs explaining what the vague thing was supposed to advertise.


    @#35 mrmule

    for some reason the ‘Mr. CooL ICE’


    goes well with this chair..


  25. soubriquet says:

    I just liked the juxtaposition of “Broad” and “Beaver”.

  26. Anonymous says:

    There is a Crosby ave. in Pelham Bay, sorry I mean in the NoBro.

  27. Jake0748 says:

    POOH would be the chemical formula for Polonium Hydroxide. Guess you’d need the ice because the stuff would be radioactive.

  28. retchdog says:

    JimH: It’s probably for complying with city regulation, not advertising.

  29. justlost says:

    this made me belly smile and even got me to post something i came across a long time ago.

    check it out here:

    When Inspiration Hits

  30. greensteam says:

    Surely it’s delivering teddybears and cocktails, the essential consoling options for all ages in distress?

  31. Kevin Kenny says:

    DJ PooH and Ice-Cube?

  32. retchdog says:

    My guess, is that the proprietors of the mystery business have initials PH and IE, and they expanded them into a silly name when they incorporated. I’ve known similar cases.

  33. juicemonger says:

    There is (or certainly used to be) a bar in NYC up on Amsterdam and 109th called SoHa. South of Harlem? Lame. Never caught on. I’ve heard plenty of people refer to the FiDi, though. Eric did not make this up.

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