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21 Responses to “BB Video: Doctor Popular's Awesome Yo-Yo Stylings”

  1. katherose says:

    He’s decent, but there are way better yoyoers out there.

  2. 13strong says:

    Wow, that’s a useless comment, KATHEROSE. Wow.

    I was going to say, nice yo-yoing, but why are amazing yo-yo demonstrations always accompanied by such awful techno tunes?

    Surely more appropriate in this case would have been some hi-energy 8-bit glitchcore or something?

  3. Boxthor says:

    @13Strong You’re saying Katherose is mean, and then you bash whoever made the techno song =P

    But really, it’s a shame you can’t hear what he’s saying, it’s probably pretty interesting. Maybe in the full video they don’t dub over the music?

  4. 13strong says:


    You got me, BOXTHOR.

  5. aplusbi says:

    There are certainly better yo-yoers out there, but DocPop invented many techniques that the new guys are now using and improving on.

    And that was also a really great transition from on-string to off-string.

  6. Doctor Popular says:

    Hey Xeni and BB crew, it was fun hanging out with ya’ll. If anyone would like to see the “Unfollow” comic, it’s here http://www.flickr.com/photos/docpopular/3361110650/in/set-72157600277785700/
    And a collection of my Memes In Real Life can be found here http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=%22Mirl%22&w=65802182%40N00 and http://www.docpop.org/category/memesinreallife

    Katherose, this is just an off the cuff demo, if you’d like to see more polished yo-yo videos of mine, please check these out:

  7. Church says:

    Wouldn’t an obvious choice for music be, y’know, Doctor Popular?

    Or is that too obvious?

  8. Xeni Jardin says:

    @church, we’ll be featuring DocPop’s music in future episodes. @everyone else, don’t be such sourpusses! how can people be cranky and demeaning about yo yo videos, ffs? be nice, enjoy being alive, and if you don’t like it, move along to the next post.

  9. Mike Estee says:

    @KATHEROSE – Way better? Awesome, how about sharing? I mean, I thought that was some damn fine yoyoing for an impromptu demo, but if that failed to impress, i’d love to see what knocks your socks off.

  10. Church says:

    @9 Mike Estee,

    At this level, it’s like hearing an argument about who’s the best first chair violinist. I’m sure informed people can make rational arguments, but it’s so far out of my league that I’m in no position to judge.

    Short version: I likee. More with the yo-yo.

  11. Loraan says:

    Unfortunately, the framerate on the video is low enough that I can’t see the yo-yo when he really starts going.

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      @Loraan, yeah, I know the video quality is poor. What we’re seeing here is the compressed flash video file that Ustream records, alas, not an original recording we edited. We’ve since figured out how to work around this, both with Ustream and with our production process when taping live-stream events for later reuse. Apologies for the poor quality!

  12. Bloodniece says:


    Nashville and Minneapolis still love you.
    Keep on keepin’ on.

  13. mistervega says:


    dude, we worked at the pulse together for a minute! good to see you still rockin it!

  14. aplusbi says:

    @Mike and Church:

    I’ve always been impressed with Hiroyuki Suzuki’s speed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoBDUDL6Xis

    And John Ando is the current world champion for 1A yo-yoing (single yo-yo, attached to the string and finger): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPGnUQ2M3fw&feature=related

  15. neurolux says:

    I can walk teh dog!

  16. SeattlePete says:

    All these vids are of butterflies…

    Does nobody use the classic duncan woods anymore? Besides me?

  17. electronicnonsense says:


    Yeah, people do use imperial style yo-yos but it’s not as popular. It’s called 2A in tournament division classification, where a single butterfly yo-yo is 1A.


    Though, they don’t use wood ones as much as plastic because wood is more inconsistent in weight and density, is less durable and cant be manufactured to the same tolerances to accept the ball bearing axle that all modern yo-yos use. Most modern butterfly style yo-yos used by these type of players are made of precision machined and anodized aluminum, though many use molded plastic or machined delrin as well.

    here are a few more modern style videos.


  18. Dedalus says:

    ide like to see u do string tricks on a woodie

    doc ur cool –

    Xeni I LOVE YOU

  19. Boxthor says:

    Let’s all compare the finals of the World Yo-Yo Contest with impromptu casual demos!

    Next week can we see what the Iron Chef cooks for himself on a busy Tuesday morning?

  20. electronicnonsense says:

    Chill Box. We know the deal. I <3 Doc. I don’t know how many times I watched The Glass Lab Vol 4 (tinyurl.com/dlrodf). The guy invented Skin The Gerbil! I even own one of his denim wallets.

    Doc’s a showman. Any yo-yoer with any PR chops at all knows that when you’re doing a demo for a bunch of regular people you’ve gotta keep it simple and flashy. If you bust out all your newest super technical string tricks you’ll just confuse everyone. He did well. I’m super geeked to see this on BB.

    I was just spreading the love and info about new school yo-yoing in general, after Doc opened the door.