NAACP comic from early 1960s


A new specimen from Ethan Persoff's "Comics with Problems" archives: Early NAACP Comic Book History - Your Future Rests In Your Hands and The Street Where You Live (1960 and 1964)


  1. I love the mustache twirling. Priceless. I can here that guys voice in my head now.

  2. I like the NAACP organizer whose drawn like a superhero action figure.

    Interesting that fifty years ago(roughly), the drive was to become a influential voting bloc, with no suggestion of an African American running for office him/herself.

  3. Fascinating. Apparently Larry Lieber (Stan Lee’s brother) did the art.

    And that guy is what I see in my head when I think about “The Man.”

  4. It’s like he’s saying what all white people are thinking all the time!

    Good ol’ powerful interests.

  5. FYIHere is an interesting and fairly brief review of the Poll Tax repeal activities.

    Flipping through the comic book pages led me to research the topic, and I thought others here might be interested as well…

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