Hitler finds out Michael Jackson has died (Der Untergang remix)

Video. Adolf Hitler is pretty pissed off to learn that Michael Jackson has died and won't be able to perform at his birthday party. Evidences the true marks of a great internet meme: infinite expandability, extremely bad taste in multiple respects, and an unfairly long lifespan. (via @andrewbaron)


  1. Can we have a resub about how Downfall resubbings have jumped the shark and are getting as old as Chuck Norris jokes?

  2. I swear he’s stifling a smile at 2:20…

    That’s Bruno Ganz, I think…

  3. Yeah, this is getting so lame.

    Bruno Ganz deserved the best actor Oscar in 2004 for this film.

  4. well, I thought it was funny, one of the better ones, actually lol’d a few times.

    and you guys ^^^ why the bitching in an unrelated thread?

  5. Hmmmm, might have been funny when some other historical character would have been used. :-(

    (Apart from that, as I do speak some German, I wonder how people can follow the subtitles without muting the very unrelated spoken words.)

  6. Yes, I have a German friend who is forever denied the simple pleasure of Hitler Subtitle Videos. Actually, this is probably a good rough test for seeing when you reach acceptable competence in spoken German – once you have to mute the sound to find it funny, you’re there.

  7. Profoundly disagree with all the too-cool-Downfall-Hitler-is-so-over whiners.

    If you can’t laugh at Hitler and the death of MJ what can you laugh at?

    I giggled my ass off. Of course I’m drunk at home on a Saturday night, so there’s that.

  8. With muted sound I cannot find it funny either. For me, it’s not caused by the spoken German, but by the historical events. I really wonder why people would choose Adolf Hitler over so many other possible characters.

  9. @ #7 It’s possible if you try to focus on the EN subtitles only. Else – it’s a bit irritating.

    Bruno Ganz and the other actors really deserve an internet meme award or something like that.

  10. That was pitch perfect.

    Also, BoingBoing, as I understand it, is a blog. I may be wrong but I don’t think they promised to never censor and in fact I believe that they reserve the right to disemvowel posts as they see fit. Don’t like it? Don’t come back. And certainly please don’t whinge on about it on an unrelated thread.

    Also. Spell check if you want to sound self-righteous.

  11. For those of us who have not seen the original film, what is Hitler really ripping them a new one over? Better yet, where might one find a copy of the clip with the original subtitles?

  12. Man some folks got up on the wrong side of the cot this morning. I thought it was funny as hell till about mid-way through. Sort of petered out there towards the end. But the first half was perfectly timed.

  13. i’m with Bb on this one: “downfall” riffs are ALWAYS funny. how many ways can hitler be pissed off? its a great meme.

  14. For those asking why they use Hitler, there’s a few reasons. The major one is that it’s a pre-made clip that is easy to edit (due to the subtitles) into saying anything you want. Plus, it’s a guy who’s obviously incredibly upset, PLUS it’s a recognizably serious figure which makes the frivolous things they have him say even more ironic. If it was just some random angry guy in a foreign language, people might think he was actually saying those things.

    1. Hitler will stop being funny when no-one remembers him.

      We’re still talking about Caligula 2,000 years later, so never?

  15. Well, this is the first one of these I’ve seen and I think it’s just plain sick. Sick, I tell you.

    I laughed myself sick, in other words.

  16. Anonymous 14, the original. Steiner’s attack, which Hitler thought would have fixed everything, was called off without his knowledge or approval because the generals decided Steiner didn’t have sufficient forces.

  17. Tak at #26:

    Picard could have shouted: “Engage!”… at least. I guess he was stiffborn.

  18. On TV last night I see a paparazzi guy was the first to get the story on MJ’s condition.

    He was outside the Jackson mansion and saw an ambulance go in, then a fire engine arrived. He approached the fire engine and eyeballed the onboard computer screen, “50 year old male, not breathing……”.

    Why a fire engine? Maybe they thought an emergency call from the Jackson compound was another case of MJ’s hair catching fire.

  19. @31–Many cities now train ALL their firefighters as EMTs, because it multiplies the number of de facto ambulances you have cruising around and parked in neighborhoods. If the nearest ambulance bay is 10 minutes away and the nearest fire station is 3, you can save a lot of lives by putting those seven minutes to productive use.

    So it’s not really all that surprising that a fire engine and an ambulance got there at roughly the same time–they probably got the same call.

    By the way, new idea for an Der Untergang remix: Hitler is furious to learn that Der Untergang remixes aren’t really funny if you understand German.

  20. people have got to lighten up…it’s a dubbed funny…anyone who doesn’t know or remember the horrors Hitler caused, needs some serious history lessons. Take it as it’s meant to be and don’t try to translate the german…just turn down your speakers, and go with the flow…there’s too much bad in the world to worry about making serious comments on this

  21. i will miss you michael jackson you will always be in my heart and i will never forget you i love you mj. REST IN PEACE XXX

  22. Don’t venerate Hitler, make fun of him instead. Quit showing him so much respect by saying we shouldn’t use him to make jokes.

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