Woman takes revenge on tow truck driver

Another advantage of front wheel drive. (Via Neatorama)


  1. Smells fake to me. There just happened to be somebody shooting a video of a woman getting a car towed when this went down. And the tow truck just happened to be in neutral without the parking brake on.

  2. Hilarious! Would be funnier if she just shot him! Screw living with the consequences of your actions, revenge rules!

  3. No tow truck is left in neutral; they would roll while the person was trying to strap the car or when they started getting out of the car. This was definitely staged.

  4. Also, a very similar event sets up the story in the Paul Rudd movie ‘Role Models’ as can be seen in the trailer.

  5. On top of the fact that tow trucks always set their parking brake no tow truck driver would set up the boot for a fwd drive car on the back wheel. It would ruin the drive train and they’d be held responsible. An obvious staging, but why?

  6. I wish it was true and i wish she charged the towing company a large fee for having their truck towed to get it back.

  7. I call shenanigans; involuntary towing involves lifting the drive-engaged wheels and rolling on the free wheels. This avoids destroying the drive train.

    Also, WHAT is the tow driver doing when she climbs into the driver’s seat and starts the engine? Wasting time until he has to react.

  8. Charlie @5: “It’s true though. FWD is far superior to RWD.”

    Not for doing donuts in snowy parking lots!

  9. Charlie, you got it backwards. There’s a reason FWD is called “wrong wheel drive” by people that actually like driving.

  10. Fake or not, she couldn’t have gone too far. Imagine what will happen when she makes her first turn ? :)

  11. If it is an ad I like it. If it is attempting to be a “real life video!” then I don’t.

    Frankly I’m tired of being tricked with this crap.

    It’s lazy advertising. We’ve been infected with viral videos for so long and I’ve built up antibodies. (Hey I extended the metaphor!)

  12. @Hans: Amen to that!

    But to be picky… the vast majority of bikes are single rear wheel drive systems…

  13. I got my revenge. I found out who called the tow truck, then wiped my ass on their nice window.

  14. AWD is not perfect.. Heavy and causes odd handling once you past its limits. There’s a reason why Formula 1 cars are rear wheel drive.

  15. #23 – F1 cars are not AWD because the rules forbid it. Rally cars are & seem to have little problems with handling at their limits.

  16. yes, I see no wheel movement of tow truck, maybe fake but the illusion of possible freedom is still impressive, regardless. it’s like if the mind of the oppressed is the most dangerous thing to the oppressor then that mind can have liberation by an illusion or real event.
    so for my mind great feeling of stick it to the man, kids.
    if you tow awd vehicle with 2 or 4 wheels on ground you can really screw transmission, must be all wheels off ground.also my awd subaru(can you say yuppie twitwagon) would probly not be able to pull with only two wheels , only a fwd could, and this vehicle is awd, I believe.fun fun fun, human management requires enforcement, maybe, but so does good behavior and parking money is not really moral, nor is taxation.

  17. @14/dculberson:

    There’s also a reason why professional racing drivers don’t put as much fanatical weight on the FWD vs. RWD debate often had by petrolheads.
    In my experience, people who rant on about how RWD is superior often don’t know what they’re talking about and are just trying to show off.


    If the rules did allow it, I wouldn’t be surprise if it didn’t offer much of an advantage. On certain tracks or when the track is damp, it would help. But if the touring cars are anything to go by (and they could easily not be), it might not be enough of an advantage to overcome the extra weight.

  18. Yay! Let’s advocate trying to ruin things for people who are doing their jobs. Whether its fake or not it’s lazy populism. It looks like the driver is parked in front of a bus stop so through her selfish/ignorant act will probably have screwed things up for at least a few bus commuters and bus drivers. If it was real (which I doubt it is) let’s hope she got charged with criminal damage.

    Social Contract, yo.

  19. Charlie @5: “It’s true though. FWD is far superior to RWD.”

    URWHATUIZ @13: “Not for doing donuts in snowy parking lots!”

    Not true! You just have to drive backwards. In fact, it’s even better because after you’re going at a pretty good clip you can crank the steering wheel and then you’ve got your drive wheels angled and spinning you around like there’s no tomorrow.

  20. aldasin – I’m with you – (in your best Dana Carvey “Church Lady” Voice) “How Convienient!”

    anonymous said:

    the tires of the tow truck are not rolling, so probably not fake

    Seriously? The tow truck is being dragged silently by the front wheel drive SUV?

    As others said, this has the look of an ad (viral or other, I have no idea)…

  21. My AWD car can be towed with the rear wheels on the ground and the towing switch enabled (to disconnect the transfer case). For some reason, tow truck operators seem to think it’s the other way around, which once resulted in some confusion when the car started as they tried to tow it from a parking lot (I always leave it in gear when I park).

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