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32 Responses to “Doctor Who Exit Interview: David Tennant + Russell T. Davies, with Richard Metzger (BB Video)”

  1. mdh says:

    I also download those shows the day they hit the net. This interview made my day. Thanks.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Excellent interview!
    David Tennant and Russell T. Davies will be greatly missed. The TARDIS will never be the same.

  3. Cos2mwiz says:

    Terrific interview. Indeed, David was greeted as a Rock Star. I shot the entire Doctor Who and Torchwood panels and compiled the highlights into a few videos. Here’s one:


    The rest are all organized into my playlists. =)

  4. Zaren says:

    Guess I might as well download the whole file and watch it at home with the missuz. Bloody thing is cacheing pretty hard at the mo anyway. Thanks for posting this, BB – the little bits I’ve seen hiccuping in so far look great!

  5. InsertFingerHere says:

    Maybe it’s me, but those two are going off on a rollicking journey of funny and informing, then the camera cuts to the guy with zero expression and zero energy.

    Might have been able to draw a bit more from these guys by adapting to their style.

  6. jfrancis says:

    Last time I saw that show he had a giant scarf.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “She’s a fan too, but drew the line at me using the TARDIS landing for my ring tone”

    so i’m not the only one …

  8. Crawford Tillinghast says:

    (She’s a fan too, but drew the line at me using the TARDIS landing for my ring tone).

    Definitely for the better that she ain’t married to me…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant interview.

  10. Zaren says:


    Aw, since then, you’ve missed him with a cricket bat, a patchwork quilt coat, an umbrella, Victorian ruffles, a leather jacket, a pinstripe suit and tennies… I believe that’s everyone since Baker, yes?

  11. Takuan says:

    ah! so THAT’S where The Dude came from.

  12. jfrancis says:

    Is this still the theme?


    it better be.

  13. Thorzdad says:

    So…how many of the Tennant episodes have SciFi (SyFy…ugh) not yet shown in the US? Are they up-to-date save for the season they apparently just finished?

  14. progrocktv says:

    Fantastic interview! Thanks!

  15. Mythus says:

    @ #10

    Eight didn’t have any ruffles (though he was dressed in Victorian clothing – maybe you’re thinking of Three!), and you missed Richard E. Grant’s Nine, but otherwise, yep. :D

  16. Keith says:

    It’s always fun to hear David Tenant speak in his native accent. Good interview.

    Thorzdad: Syfy has shown all episodes up through S4 and the specials, but chopped up a little. They like to snip off bits to make time for commercials. Your best bet is on DVD. Netflix has them and they’re pretty easy to find on Bit torrent as well.

  17. webmonkees says:

    heh, a friend of mine encountered Davies (or one of the other producers, not sure) at a convention, before they had started the show back up.

    My friend kicks himself for honestly replying that he wasn’t quite familiar with the show.

    I tried to reassure him that at least in the US, it was quite difficult to get a decent gist of the show.. some public tv stations would play the serials out of order, for one thing.

    Thankfully there’s the internets and collections, I’ve started with Doctor #1, and working forward through the time and relative dimensions in space.

  18. Zaren says:


    You want fun, listen to John Barrowman slip into his native accent and get animated about something:


  19. ahmacrom says:

    My ringtone is the theme song for Doctor Who……

  20. mlewys says:

    Excellent interview! Well done, indeed. I liked the questions and the banter. Thank you so much!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Audio of the mp4 played like crap on Debian Lenny with mplayer/alsa…sounded like a dalek with a cold.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Tennant was too young and too pretty, too much blatant nerd wish-fulfillment. Which is I guess why they love him so much. The next one looks to be even worse for the same reasons. For my money, goofy-looking fortysomething Christopher Eccleston in a beat-up leather jacket was the best Doctor so far. (The steampunk Doctor from the ’90s that never got past the pilot stage could’ve been good too.)

  23. Anonymous says:

    Well done!

    I’ve been a Dr. Who fan since my mid-20’s (I’m 46) and my girlfriend at the time was also into it. My wife now thinks it’s silly but we all know better.

  24. robulus says:

    Last time I saw that show he had a giant scarf.

    And that was the last time it was worth watching.

    Yes that’s right, I went there ‘mofos.

  25. Anonymous says:

    @ #12 – It is, as you can hear at the end of the interview (that’s the exact current theme they play).

  26. Daemon says:

    On the other hand, Baker had the damned terrier.

  27. robulus says:


    K9 was awesome, despite his unreliable power supply. Also, Leela and the first Romana.

  28. sonipitts says:

    Jelly baby?

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’m just going to put out a bit of the “nerd wish-fulfillment” mentioned early and say:

    I would really like to see Neil Gaiman take a turn as the Doctor. For some reason, ever since I saw him in his promo videos for Coraline, it’s been nibbling at me that he has just the right timing and idiosyncratic look.

  30. Maussa says:

    Wonderful interview.

    Sound is awful. This is for you bb-video guys:

    I could master it for you – if you let me.
    Just send a audio-rendition of the stuff in my email.

  31. smidirin says:

    Thanks for this video. I loathe to admit to how many Doctors I have lived through! Living in Germany in more recent times, I have only seen Tennant a bit (Germany never quite “getting” the joke), and then of course only in translation, but did discern a certain something about him. And this he certainly must have, the Hamlet he mentions briefly at the beginning of the interview is a filmed for BBC TV version of what was reputably an absolutely brilliant Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company last year. Something to look forward to.

  32. nickelrocket says:

    Sorry Richard. Obviously your wife doesn’t understand. My wife DOES have the TARDIS SFX as her ring tone for when I call home. And a small menagerie of Adipose on her monitor.