How to make the scariest pumpkin ever

At Make Online, Marc de Vinck shows you how to make the "scariest pumpkin ever." I love it.


  1. Why not just load the thing up with some C-4 while you’re at it? That’ll teach the little punks to press big, inviting buttons.

  2. I was expecting it to turn into a master mind flayer or at least explode. I bet it wouldn’t be hard to do the latter.

  3. An easier way to make a really scary pumpkin is to stick it with a knife and leave it in a warm, moist place for a week. Put that on your front porch and your candy budget drops to zero.

  4. Was anyone else expecting this to turn into one of those screamer videos the second time he pressed the button? I was all braced and ready and all I got was a *toot* from the horn. The internet makes me paranoid.

  5. It’s not “scary” it simply startles you.

    For the viewers at home, I’ll break it down:

    Dude with a chainsaw in the dark: scary
    Loud noise: startling
    Creaking floorboards in the dark: scary
    Balloon popping in the dark: startling

    So really, if it’s just a loud noise, it isn’t scary unless the person has been traumatized and that loud noise invokes a fearful memory (like that time they almost got run down by a huge truck that was blaring it’s horn).

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