Will a clean fridge get you laid?

Jesse Brown, a BoingBoing guest blogger, is the host of TVO's Search Engine podcast.

My friend Corey Mintz is so proud of his well-stocked, spotless refrigerator that he sends pictures of its interior to girls he's wooing and has used it in place of a headshot on his online dating profile (high-rez link).

Now, this is no ordinary fridge- Corey is a chef and food writer (a good one, for the Toronto Star) so his fridge is filled with wonderful delights- top-notch doggie-bags, fancy mustards, homemade pickles and the occasional action figure. He obsessively packages and labels his sauces and glazes and eliminates any item at the first sight or smell of rottenness. He's actually indexed and published his fridge's contents (link).

So ladies, I put the question to you: does this fridge turn you on?


  1. I could see there being some women (and men) who would find themselves more attracted to a man who can keep an orderly fridge, but I don’t think it’s as simple as “It’s like porn for men.”.

    How many men would actually date a woman they met on a dating site who gave of nudes of themselves to everybody that asked? If you do, it’s not because it makes her long term relationship material. Likewise, a tidy fridge doesn’t make you an excellent lover.

    Over generalizations and bad comparisons do not a truth make.

  2. The (5) not-so-well preserved vagina, the (10)pork fat, and the (7)Mole??? aren’t so much of a turn-on, but as a girl, I am automatically intrigued by (11) Hello Kitty!

  3. “Hey baby, I’m anal retentive.” *winks*

    Doesn’t work for me, but there are women out there looking for every fetish under the sun. At least he’s honest about his.

    To be perfectly honest (and I know this is politically incorrect) if I encountered a guy who was that tidy -and- a chef I’d be seriously wondering if he was closeted.

  4. @BADAPHIL according to Mintz: “5. The herbs are sitting in a little water and covered with paper towel. Every other day I spray them a bit. This’ll stretch them out beyond a week.”

  5. I was going to say yes until I got to the end.

    I think it’s awesome that this guy has a passion, and has managed to make a career of it. Attractive? Yes, definitely.

    But that thing about fridges being like nude shots? Far too reminiscent of those sexist woman/kitchen jokes the internet seems to like so much. It was there that I lost interest.

  6. I think he’s got a good shot with the “lather me up with pork fat (#10) and have your way with me” crowd

  7. It’s not about the fridge itself; it’s about what the state of that fridge says about his character that is appealing. There’s a possibility that a man with a fridge like this may actually PUT HIS SOCKS IN THE HAMPER! And, glory of glories, may even pre-separate his colors for the wash.

  8. Jesse Brown, you are a great friend and provider of tough love as evidenced by this post. What a pitiless way of showing your friend that weird clinical looking pictures of his refridgerator are not irresistible to us ladies!

    Apart from being a really weird way to make a first impression, that pic foreshadows countless evenings of some weird guy “cooking for” me, showing off thousands of kitchen gadgets and not letting me touch anything or make any decisions about the food. NO THANKS.

  9. There’s someone who’ll be turned on by almost anything.

    That said, someone as anal as this about his fridge would probably flee from my book-strewn apartment in horror. I’d rather wonder if my push-up bra is working for him than wonder if my baseboards are dusted. Pass.

  10. “he thinks these pics provoke the same response in women that nude shots inspire in men”

    Because nothing gets my juices flowing like sexist generalisations. What the above says to me is that this guy thinks that 1) A woman’s place is in the kitchen and 2) women don’t really like sex and must be wooed by images of household domesticity.

  11. Sorry #4 with the good eyes.

    Sorry..I’m sure he’s a nice guy as far as chefs go, but this is just begging for mockery.

    1. He has a Hello Kitty tupperware, so is obviously gay.

      You’ve never actually met a gay man, have you?

  12. I live with a man who does the bulk of the cooking for our house. He even packs me lunch, it’s the greatest.

    Our fridge is a mess though. I don’t require neatness in a mate.

    I am looking for a mate who, when faced with the apocalypse, will kill any zombies in his way and drag home some loot to feed us, not a man who, when the apocalypse comes, has a nice fresh pack of sharpies in the drawer.

    I think that anal people make each other happy – so probably the labeled fridge would be a good attractor of the right sort of lady for him?

  13. Heeee-eck no! *throws socks on the ground and leaves crumbs on the cutting board*

    If a man is this obsessive about his fridge, what else is he obsessive about? I would be afraid of messing anything in the house about, if I was over. I would be worried that if I didn’t put my clothes in a neat pile (on the provided chair) as we passionately made our way to the bed, it would ruin the mood.

    Being a bit messy means he has other interests besides cleaning and indexing his cupboards (and I realize that this person is a foodie/chef, therefore is excused, but in a general sense, an overly clean house is the indication of someone in need of a hobby).

    I would have never dated someone like him, scared he would bring Lysol wipes to the restaurant we were eating at, or a DustBuster to the movie Theater to clean off the seats, or worse yet, latch onto me as another past time, since he had none.

  14. There’s also the inevitable “Why did you put the kimchi on the salad shelf, when you know I need to classify it as a condiment? Don’t you love me?” argument. We’ve all been there.

  15. On the one hand, a clean, decently-stocked refrigerator tells you something about a guy: that he’s responsible and tidy. On the other hand, the fact that he takes so much pride in it that he sends out photographs tells us either that his refrigerator is the exception, the one shining piece of neatness in his life, or else he’s just plain OCD.

  16. The suggestion that there’s no middle ground between a guy with a fridge like that and men that can’t find the hamper is kinda spastic.

    Just sayin.

  17. I have to admit that my husband is constantly rearranging the fridge, and cleans up spills as he goes. That’s because we have four kids and I tend to overshop to make for fewer grocery trips.

    If anyone whines that there is no room in the refrigerator, we have to stop and say that’s a problem I would wish upon the whole world.

  18. This fridge goes a few blocks past “Hi I’m tidy and will make you good things to eat” and ends up at “Welcome to OCD-land! Care to join me in a hand-washing marathon? And please don’t don’t my mole’. I *said* PLEASE DON’T TOUCH MY MOLE’.”

    Also, where would I put my fridge pack of DIet Coke?

  19. I would love for this guy to cook for me, but I wonder about how rigid he is in the rest of his life. Definitely not the equivalent of porn.

  20. I love it!! But then again I’m a pastry chef and I have everything labeled and sorted. So I guess #14 is correct, anal people attract each other. My husband is a clean freak and likes everything organized and in its place.

  21. #5 looks to be a (n unbleached) paper towel covering some vegetable or herb) with a crack like fold in it (caused by tucking it into the container).

    The two women in the room found this the opposite of attractive.

    On the plus side, truth in advertising, fore-warned is fore-armed, etc., etc….

  22. I vote no:

    You can just imagine him flipping out if someone puts something on the wrong shelf.

    “What is this?? Peanut butter in the fridge??? AAAAH!”

  23. No, it doesn’t turn me on. I am messy, so I know from this picture that we are not compatible.

    It does make me hungry, though.

  24. Corey Mintz is really an excellent food writer, imo, not merely a good one. I liked his seder piece and the one on his travels to Montreal. I think the text accompanying the photo in The Star gives a clue as to how we should view the photo: “Sometimes Corey Mintz can come across as uptight, snobby, callous and inflexible. He hopes this photo of his fridge’s middle shelf, will illustrate these character flaws.”

  25. @19,

    I don’t know, when comparing a man’s life to porn, rigidity is certainly preferable to flacid…

  26. I would say that I am in love. However, the Hello Kitty container #11 says “needs closure with ex-girlfriend” or way too in touch with his kawaii side.

  27. while i do love a man who appreciates a good meal, all it takes is foodie talk, definitely not foodie documentation.

    also, with the excessive tagging and such all this picture says to me is neurotic freak. i’d tell any girl to run from this one.

  28. Been watching a lot of Monk lately, so the first thought that popped into my head was, “Cool! A shot of Monk’s fridge!”

  29. As a foodie and a woman, this is over the top. I can appreciate cleanliness and a well-stocked fridge but the whole obsessive labeling/photographing of the fridge is a bit much.

    In short: I’d talk recipes with this man, but not dirty ;-D

  30. Totally in love!
    But then I’ve been known to take pictures of work bench and post them because I was just so *proud* of how neat and organized it was. This is just the same thing. And it’s lovely and endearing that someone who takes such obvious joy out of something is willing to share it with the world, despite the amount of mockery it could generate. THAT is what is attractive about the man, not his tidy fridge, though his fridge is awesome!

  31. Hmm – does nothing for me. To be honest, I kind of thought this was a “before” picture. What’s with having to decant everything out of its commercial packaging into what looks like plastic Chinese food containers? Just looks to me like weeks of leftovers.

  32. I think a fair number of the commenters thus far got it right. While this level or orderliness might not appeal to a majority I think it’s the minority who would be that would make a good companion for him.

    Personally, I highly approve (anyone who has both pork fat and mole in their fridge is a good person to know). But then I really do have OCD as well as a love of cooking so my fridge looks very very similar.

  33. I have to agree with the OCD angle way too rigid. Though I wonder about the rest of the dwelling. Is the fridge the only isle of clean or do the sock have number as well?

  34. It’s a chef’s fridge. For those of us who get paid to cook and don’t like to pick up a package of mystery meat, or a bottle of 6-month old anything.
    The only thing I would complain about is the lack of dates on product…put dates on your food, man!

  35. Sorry, porn is porn. I hate silly analogies about what “porn for women” is. It’s condescending and unnecessarily adds another wedge to the Venus/Mars mentality about the sexes. (I’m sure a lot of people use that kind of line as a joke, but way too many more people genuinely believe it.)

    That said, I really love Corey Mintz’s writing. He’s a great critic and his stuff has been incredibly entertaining since Amy Pataki’s departure. Big fan here. He’s the only Star writer I religiously keep tabs on.

  36. Numbering & labeling everything is a tad too anal-retentive (smacks of Martha Stewart) thusly saying, Corey’s ass is probably puckered so tight it would suck art off the walls of a museum. No Thanks. No turn-on here. Not even a peek, is necessary

  37. Yes, provided that he also demonstrates an ability to eat a street vendor hot dog without sneering or wringing his hands about the nitrate content.

  38. When I’m expecting female company I clean the bathroom. I think that’s the most important thing they like to see in a man’s house because it says you care about hygiene and actually do housework. Photos are not forthcoming, however. Oh, wait, I just remembered I did post a pic of my bathroom on Facebook. But that was just because of the artful framing of the sink in the door’s mirror, and I took the photo to post online while searching for a subletter. Ladies?

  39. I don’t know Corey or his writing, but in his defense: when I worked in a restaurant, the chef would ream the ass of anyone who didn’t label & date food that was opened or repackaged. And with good reason.

    However, this practice has diminishing returns when you’re documenting the refrigerator usage of one person.

    And there’s no way I’d use an appliance photo for a personal ad when there’s so many Zardoz pictures available.


  40. I think those disparaging this guy (OCD! Neat freak! Wound too tight!) would never make HIS cut either. Sorry ladies, but some of you are real slobs as well.

    But, I bet there is a single woman (a hundred? a thousand? more?) who would love a guy who (a) cooks good stuff, (b) writes well, (c) cleans up after himself, and (d) has a sense of humor.

    But what do I know? I’m just a straight guy whose workbench spare parts containers are all labeled, and who knows how to cook, vacuum and sew (thanks mom). Sorry, I’m taken.

  41. “Hey woman– look, I got a clean fridge… That turns you on, right?”

    …that isn’t sexist at all! I feel shame for mankind.

  42. Does not make with the sexy, given that he’s one of my best friend’s children, ew. Like, holy cougar, Batman.

    But sans that unnecessarily squicky piece of data, I think the labelling and neatness is charming, and the will prevent the waste of food, which is a good thing.

    #32 Gloria, amen.

  43. I don’t know about a clean fridge but I do know that my having a spotless bathroom makes the ladies squeal with delight!

  44. “these pics provoke the same response in women that nude shots inspire in men.”

    Eh, not a big fan of massive gender generalizations. Different strokes/folks, etc.

    For the record, a picture of an appliance will never do it for me.

  45. I’m a woman with a near OCD need to label, that loves cooking and has done it professionally. That means, any man that keeps a chef level fridge, fully labeled, and organized would be someone I’d give a go to. It might just be because my personal insanity lines up with his, though.

  46. As a foodie, (Read: someone who appreciates a fantastic recipe, knows what sauces complement what, etc) and also a woman who can definitely dig a guy with an action figure in his fridge, yes this photo impresses upon me a slice of the personality behind who is most likely a very refreshing change from the humdrum norm of “Look at me and muh truck!” pictures on dating sites. As for getting him laid, we’ll have to see how the date goes. *wink, wink; nudge, nudge*

  47. no.
    hello kitty and pork fat. too strange. way too much uniform plastic. I think I could hurt this man way too easily.

  48. Well this girl finds it creepy. Like serial killer creepy. Wherefore Hello Kitty? All that plastic. Labels. Oh god labels. I just hope hes the benign labeling kind sort, not the sort that labels each egg. This girl likes an organic fridge, you know, one that actually supports an ecosystem within it’s vaccum sealed edges.

  49. While the tidy fridge might at least be a bit attractive, the obsessive labelling and publishing of the contents kill that attraction, and fast.

  50. Q: Will a clean fridge get you laid?

    A: If you are a married man who surprises his wife by cleaning the fridge, the answer is very likely YES.

    And a clean bathroom will get you laid too.

    — MrJM

  51. Did anyone see Spiderman in there? It’s on the high rez link. Also you need pork fat to cook, people. I know your mothers had those glass jars of it in the fridge…or somewhere.

    And this is why I don’t hang out in forums. I’m too passionate about fridges. :D

  52. Personally I’m thinking that ‘pork fat’ will make a great avatar. Is this a Creative Commons picture? xD

  53. The fact that Chef Corey not only knows what mole is but will likely cook it for you? Dead sexy. The detailed system for cataloging every item in the fridge? Meh.

  54. the mole is definitely the sexiest part of this fridge. the pork fat is the least sexy. so overall, it’s a draw.

  55. This is probably a reassuring photograph if you’re dining chez Mintz… but not sexy unless you share an OCD compulsion to clean and label stuff.

    If what he is looking for is to get laid, he’s taking a risk when he sends pictures of his fridge to potential partners. At least 5/10 will scream and run away.

    If he’s looking for a life partner then it’s probably fair enough to warn women that they’re likely to be unable to put anything in the fridge EVER AGAIN.

  56. Foodies are starting to really piss me off. What’s the matter with keeping some beer, cheese, deli meat and bread in your fridge, along with some actually-from-Dijon Dijon? I can’t ever think of a time that I’ve had, wanted or needed “Mole” though I do know what it is.

    I’m gonna go slap some cheese and turkey deli meat in a fresh baguette and wash it down with a Slovakian beer now.

  57. No not hot. Knowing that he’s a food critic makes it ok. But if he was just an average dude it would be creepy and maybe a sign of someone too controlling.

  58. Tell me something about my fridge baby…

    Does it make you horny? Randy? Does it make you horny, baby, yeah, does it?

    heh. the captcha has “groovy” as one of the words

  59. I like it. It would make me think positively about the idea of a relationship. Not sure it would actually turn me on though.

  60. I want to see a person’s 1)vinyl 2)liquor cabinet. Those are relatively decent indexes of whether or not you can become ‘fast friends’

  61. Like many others commenting here, all I see is OCD. It arouses the desire to run screaming into the night in the oposite direction of this man’s apartment.

    I have to concur on the clean bathroom thing.

    Kimrod@57: you almost got Dr.Pepper to spray out of my nose.

  62. Yeah, I feel a little differently knowing that food is his passion. So I can see it only in the sense that he’s sharing an important part of himself. But “porn for women” that’s just stupid. Porn for women is called porn. They sell it at the same place they sell porn for men. It probably even has some of the same actors in it. The thing that makes it porn for women is when women are watching it.

  63. Stegodon

    Oh I’m with you. I’d much rather see some one’s record collection. An amazing amount of wonderful music is soooooo much more hot than hello kitty in tupperware.

  64. JMcGarry @ #41:

    I think the text accompanying the photo in The Star gives a clue as to how we should view the photo: “Sometimes Corey Mintz can come across as uptight, snobby, callous and inflexible. He hopes this photo of his fridge’s middle shelf, will illustrate these character flaws.”

    Thank you for that. Makes much more sense.

    This is truth in advertising. As a woman, I appreciate it. It tells me to pass on by.

  65. My immediate and visceral response was a resounding yes (yes! yes! yes!) But I am married to a chef and that may prejudice me. And now, having viewed this, must go have sex with said husband.

  66. @ Yorktot #83: I did see the Spiderman, which endeared Corey to me all the more. I have a tutu-wearing Incredible Hulk in my shower. They could jam.

  67. Wanna get some? Post YouTube video of you listening, without interrupting, to a woman talk about her mom (boss, sister, best/worst friend, shopping-hell experience, hair, shoes, neuroses, shrink, anything) for 15 minutes.

  68. Little bit, but only because of “PORK FAT” and “MOLE.” That says to me that there are carnitas in the offing.

  69. Two girls, one fridge.

    Putting that thought aside for a moment…

    I have several problems with this fridge:

    1. You can see the back.
    2. Everything is identifiable.
    3. There does not appear to be a macro-community festering in a yogurt container.
    4. There is no beer.
    5. There is no wine.
    6. There is no strange sticky runnel of a red-brown hue dribbling down the side that defeats all attempts with chemicals to remove it.
    7. Nothing is wilting.
    8. All the containers have tops.
    9. There is no beer.
    10. The light is working.

    Is this guy a virgin?

  70. I’m way too disorganized myself for that guy to be a good match for me.

    However, if I were a more organized lady, I’d be very impressed. There’s more to that photo than meets the eye initially. Yeah, he’s organized and has an interest in good food, but there’s more.

    He doesn’t like to waste. Everything is organized so that things get used before they get lost and go bad and even relatively small portions are saved. Also from the small portions, you can tell that he genuinely eats those foods himself on a day to day basis. This isn’t a staged fridge. He didn’t just stock this or clean this for today.

    He’s interested in finding someone who’s compatible rather than just someone who’s pretty or who finds him physically attractive. He obviously wants to attract a mate who’s interested in things that are going to make him a better housemate rather than just looking for a quick hook-up. He wants to find a girl who’s interested in good food and is cultured enough to know what some of those items are used for. He’d rather have their first conversation be about something interesting to him like food than the general first date stuff. This pic is fishing for a meaningful first conversation that he can really gauge how much he has in common with a girl by.

    He’s literate. His spelling is correct and his labels are easy to read. He’s more likely to be at least average intelligence and education level.

    He’s mature and independent. This isn’t a college bachelor or divorced dude’s pad fridge. There’s no convenience foods in here. He’s looking for a companion, not a mom or a maid.

    He’s making a decent living for himself. He can afford decent specialty ingredients. But he also isn’t being pretentious. You can tell he didn’t just buy some caviar or kobe beef or other widely known high dollar gourmet ingredients as the culinary equivalent of name dropping.

    There’s a LOT more info packed into that fridge shot than your standard profile pic.

  71. As someone with mild OCD I can tell you that this is not the work of some anal retentive neat freak, but of a chef who takes pride in his work and his kitchen. If he were really OCD all the labels would be the same size, face the same way and taller items would be behind shorter ones for the best visibility. In fact, to me this fridge looks out of order. The labels are nice, but I imagine he knows what’s in the container without the label. So if you’re not going to do it right, why do it at all? Although, I do like that all the condiments are on a tray, so you can easily remove all of them together instead of trying to grab 5 things at once. Wait, what was the question?

  72. Oh, hell yes – that fridge is a definite turn on. For me, anyways.

    One, it proves that he’s neat, clean and organized.

    Two, it proves that he can cook. Ergo, he can make delicious dinners for his lady.

    Would it be too much to ask what his profile name is?

  73. My freezer contains:
    – an ice pack
    – neutral henna
    – a frozen chocolate bar
    – a dead gecko

    Anyone want to date me?

  74. Not specific enough- the label doesn’t tell me what kind of mole (although to be fair, I’m evaluating his potential as a Mexican chef more than his potential as a mate.

    And no beer.

  75. Re: complaints about lack of beer, etc:

    Come now. This photo is only of his middle shelf. Who knows what other panty-wetting/crotch-inflaming groceries he’s keeping on the upper shelf and in the crisper!

  76. Haha- I was going to malign him for the OCD labeling, and imply that I hope his sex life isn’t as neat and tidy as his fridge… but then I realized that my own fridge is not too far off (minus the bougie ingredients and fastidious labels.) (Bonus man points: beer fridge on back porch not shown.) (Super extra bonus man points: I’m not even a man, and I still have a beer fridge.)

    Chances are I’d care about the sexist attitude more than the fridge, though.

  77. “My freezer contains:
    – an ice pack
    – neutral henna
    – a frozen chocolate bar
    – a dead gecko

    Anyone want to date me?”

    I’m down. It’s the dead gecko that did it. lol

  78. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone label a container “pork fat” before. We’ve always called it lard once it’s been heated.

  79. Yeah, i’d be anyone’s that could cook. But sex first, as i get indegestion easily. Or the day after. Ok, i’m fat, old, ugly and desperate to get pregnant, but seriously, i’m not fat because of my unfortunate genes, it’s just good times. What kind of girls does he like? (That’s not an offer, wrong continent.)

  80. I looked at that fridge and did a double take, because it reminded me of the containers and labeling used to store biological samples in lab freezers.

  81. This fridge COULD help you pull a girl that’s out of your league, but in the end you still have to be able to perform.

  82. I find this utterly charming. Creating wonderful food requires passion. And for some, the creative process requires order.

    Also, Hello Kitty.

  83. I’m just a regular ol’ straight guy, and my first impression of the photo was that it looks awfully cluttered. It looks like he has a hundred little dollops of this and that, but nothing really substantial in there.

    But, as I said, I’m not the demographic he would care about, so my opinion doesn’t mean much. I’d just have to agree with several others in saying that there’s a person to be turned-on by anything, including that fridge.

  84. NO!!!
    I’m not attracted to fridges. Maybe I would be attracted to this picture if I were a fridge or washing machine.

  85. The idea was cute, until the sexist generalisation was aired.

    Then all I got was “anally retentive douche bag”. Ick.

  86. Dude`s awake is all. Of course he’ll get laid by anyone else who’s paying attention. Clean, anal retentive fridge = interesting psychoanalytical hot mess. Nice forearms and he`s in. Loves it!

  87. @117 I have a dead gecko too, but it is the tarantula that prevents my girlfriend from opening the freezer.

    Freezer burn, freeze-dried, what’s the difference?

  88. I like the fridge but it is definitely not porn. I’ve dated chefs in the past and I am well aware of how anal retentive they can be with their food which personally it is quite endearing but while I admit it is quite nice to not see the typical “single guy’s” fridge it is still far from being a turn-on. This fridge however is definite plus if I like his personality and I find him sufficiently attractive but I like my porn with naked people and lots of moaning… alternatively the girls in said porn can be wearing latex but I am a perv.

  89. The contents looks gross and dirty to me. His containers aren’t nice at all. The herbs sitting in water make me queasy.

    This fridge wouldn’t turn me on ever.

  90. As many people have suggested he’s showing off his fridge contents to reduce information asymmetries between himself and prospective partners.

    However the indication from jesse of multiple women being shown the photograph would seem to suggest that the photograph is not helping him find the partner he seeks.

    Implying in my opinion that it does not act as a strong enough signal to the prospective partner.

  91. Even I have classier containers than those.

    And WHAT is #5? BARF.

    Sorry. Guess it’s all just not making me feel sexy.

  92. Until corey gets a label printer and learns how to apply the labels evenly, he’s never going to get me in bed. The containers aren’t even alphabetized.

  93. Ito Kagehisa-
    I don’t think it’s the kind of pork fat that you’re thinking of. It’s probably not lard like grease. It’s probably lardo, the Italian cured pork fat.

  94. 141 posts on the contents of a fridge? Let’s take a step back and ponder what that means for a moment…

  95. I think he could improve the sexiness of his fridge if he used reusable container such as glass instead of soft plastics which contribute to ongoing pollution problems. Neater more legible labels that are properly aligned at the same angle. In fact having a uniform pre-printed label would go a long way to hint at one’s organization skills, perhaps it could match an online database of the foods and their shelf life. If you are going for a light-hearted humor approach you can create attractive professionally designed labels like “Uncle Corey’s Holy Mole” instead of scribbles. Ugly looking food like homemade mayo or mole should be in colored glass jars and pretty looking food such as tomatillo salsa should be visible in clear mason jars in their appropriate ontological locations. Once a jar’s lid gets a little rusty it must be disposed of immediately however. Also the fridge lighting is a little hard and could be softened to a warmer “sunlight” glow to invoke the environment in which they would be eaten, rather than the forboding arctic environment food must actually live in to prevent rapid germ cultures. Perhaps a chandelier would class it up and so it doesn’t appear so utilitarian and survivalist in there. Ideally the manifest for the contents should be the main image for something like a dating website profile picture or for responding to Craigslist ads. This image is a bit forward to be the starting image.

  96. I’d much rather see him washing dishes, doing laundry or changing diapers. THAT’s sexy, not dedication to a clean fridge.

  97. I think his timing is terrible.
    Given recent events, who’d want to date a guy they’d be afraid of having as a lab partner?

  98. We love this idea! Especially having read Corey’s explanation. Funny and honest, which is actually what a lot of women look for on online dating sites. But if a photo of your fridge is likely to send potential dates running for the hills, we’ve come up with ten *other* alternatives to a profile photo. We can’t promise any will actually work, though we’d like to think that we live in the kind of world where they would:


    Em & Lo (EMandLO.com)

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