How to open a bottle of wine with your shoe

A thirsty gentleman with a new bottle of wine, but no corkscrew, shows his friends a neat trick. (Via Cynical-C)


  1. I wish I had seen this sooner. I own at least 5-6 corkscrews from all the picnics where we’d forgotten one and had to run buy a new one at the convenient store.

  2. At the weekend I was at a friend’s house and they didn’t have a corkscrew. So they went out and bought one. If only I’d have seen this beforehand, I could have looked like a drunk Frenchman!

  3. Yes, because another bottle of wine is exactly what that gentleman needed! I’ve got a headache just thinking about what his next morning was like.

    1. I was just thinking this. These guys seem like they’ve had enough already. Still, neat trick. Would have been neater if the bottle shattered.

  4. I’ve only ever done that against a tree; in which case you don’t need the shoe. I’ll have to remember that for when I’m surrounded by concrete and corkscrewless.

  5. This is why I always buy wine with a screw top. But now I guess I can stop buying booze in the grocery store.

  6. Impressive! I had a college professor show us how to blow the bottom off a glass beer bottle with a similar trick, just in reverse.

  7. That trick is a classic, but in my experience it only worked when I was already tipsy. If you are barefoot, it also can be done by using any kind of clothing. Just make sure you do not smash the bottle.

  8. hey! what happened to the ‘send to a friend’ option? I’m not on Facebook and don’t see the point of Twitter either…

  9. Be careful when you stop cause if that cork comes out you will have a wine shower.

    Good thing you don’t need to do this with Champagne.

  10. One of the guys says something like “Now we’ll see how the Bretons do it”.

    If he was able to perform this neat trick correctly, he was still sober. (With apologies to Dean “If you can lie down without hanging on to anything, you’re still sober” Martin.)

  11. Yeah, Hank, trees work. I learned to do this against a door frame, with the bottle wrapped in a towel from a Luxembourger housemate. I like doing it even if there are corkscrews around because it’s fun!

  12. Obviously he’s not a real Frenchman, or he’d have never been without a corkscrew- drunk or not.

    But still, as a non-Frenchman, I find this to be a very useful video.

  13. This does work and I’ve used it many times. It is especially great when going backpacking through Europe, as corkscrews can prove troublesome getting through TSA security, and I usually only travel with a carry-on.

    Only word of warning is that you must make sure to strike the bottle against the hard surface as flush as possible. My friend cut himself up really badly with a poorly aimed strike with the edge of the bottom of the bottle against the hard surface. Not a fun experience.

  14. Works with a folded-up hotel towel and a doorframe, corner of a stud wall, or a tree. With a tight cork it can take some patience.

    Learned this in boy scouts.

  15. Am I the only one just horrified to see how wine getting shaken that bad? Makes good wine undrinkable …

    1. If you’re in a state where you must drink this bottle of wine, right now, even if you are in the street and have no corkscrew, I don’t think it’s much of a problem…

  16. oh, is THIS why there was a textfromlastnight about opening wine with your shoe?
    life makes sense now.

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