Dodge Viper logo is an upside-down Daffy Duck.


If you flip the Dodge Viper logo upside down, it looks like Daffy Duck. (Via Bits & Pieces)


  1. Maybe Daffy zonked on Zoloft.

    I’ll try to remember this tip next time I see a Viper flipped over on the highway. LOL.

    1. I personally prefer (on so many levels) the inverted Acura logo.

      *does a quick image search*

      Oh wow! Agreed. I’d much rather have that image in my head than Daffy.

    1. thank you. man, I can see those 3-D pictures that you have to cross your eyes for and I have a great imagination, but I just couldn’t get there with this one. big help, it was driving me absolutely nuts. thanks again.

  2. A bit of a stretch, unlike the man in the vertical Coca Cola script, which I still see every time I look at the logo.

  3. Daffy: [trying to sell a car] Right this way, folks, right this way! It’s a bargain! Step right up and get yourself a brand new Dolorian! No household should be without one! Just $60,000 in three easy weekly installments. Yes sir, these little babies are selling like hotcakes! Plus, there’s a free gift pack of ice-cold Billy Beer with each and ever purchase!
    Daffy Ducks Quackbusters 1988

  4. To those who say they still don’t see it, keep looking. At first I didn’t see it. And then… I shat bricks.

  5. Howard the Duck, is who I see.

    And wasn’t it Xeni who pointed out the that Dodge Ram insignia looks like the human female reproductive system?

  6. woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!woohoo!

  7. The snake is kinda vague but I clearly see the Daffy. Maybe some people don’t want to see the daffy, hmmmm?

  8. Hi! if you see the duffy duck maybe yopu can see too the face or the mask of a diabolic face with the tipicam head horn….

  9. Speaking of Dodge, I noticed a long time ago that the RAM logo was essentially a very close approximation of the female reproductive organs. Oh yes. . .take a look, there is the vaginal tube, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. And right underneath, of course, the word RAM.

  10. A graphic designer with a delicious sense of humor just waiting to see how long it would take for someone to notice? Perhaps, even graphic designers have their own version of easter eggs. Who knew? Too funny!

  11. This wasn’t the only design that they originally had. I was working in the blueprint room at Chrysler and made blueprint copies of a c-sized sheet with 12 different logos on it. I had to make something like 75~10 copies of it, so the whole Viper team could vote on which logo to go with. So, if one of then slipped this in there, he got it by the rest of the group, or they were in on it.

  12. HEHE from the company who’s logo resembles a uterus and fallopian tubes more then a ram head. Now to come up with a good DAFFY acronym for a bankrupt failing brand.

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