Zombie birthday cake

Jana sez, "Check out this fantastic zombie girl birthday cake (complete with brain!) a mom made for her daughter's 8th birthday! Pretty sure she's the coolest mom ever."

Oh, I do concur. There, comrades, is an eight year old on the path to a mighty and fearsome happy mutanthood.

Zombie Girl with Brain cake in 3-D (Thanks, Jana!)


    1. > Zombies are PLAYED OUT.

      Zombies are dead, sure. But then they get up, start walking around…

    2. > Zombies are PLAYED OUT.

      and later

      > dreary-looking party cake

      Welcome to the internet. The minute anyone but you notices something, it’s played out. Zombies? pfff. You still like that?
      Steampunk? Puh-lease. That was, like, SO March ’09, and even then, I had left that scene back in ’07.

      Everyone knows these days it’s non-ironic facial hair along with ironic grunge-wear. If mom was REALLY cool, she’d have that zombie in a thermal undershirt with a ripped flannel and army surplus jacket, sporting a waxed handlebar mustache.

      1. You’re missing the point. Zombies ARE played out, but this is an evolutionary statement. Zombies are dying out as a species. They’re starving. Haven’t you noticed? Our world is dangerously short of brains.

        1. I assumed they had perfected non-lethal removal. It would certainly explain Michelle Bachmann et al.

  1. Mom is definitely Cool. I’m not so sure how her 8-yr old daughter would fare with this rather dreary-looking party cake :-0

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