Die Antwoord to play first US show at Coachella this weekend

(Photo: Clayton James Cubitt)


"Die Antwoord are playing Coachella on Saturday, April 17th at like 11:30pm. It's in the big rave tent. It will be fokken next-level." —NINJA, shown above flexing his entire face.

Boing Boing will be there, and if our motherboards don't melt from the sheer nuclear force of sonic zef-dom, I shall blog it all for you.


  1. “Die Antwoord performs “Zef” music, Zef being an Afrikaans term which loosely translates to the American equivalent of Redneck.” -Wikipedia

    South African redneck rap?

  2. I’m always amazed at the people you guys end up championing. What ever happened to the guy that wanted to be an action star, or the hefty girl in gold pants?

    1. @Matt Staggs, it’s not so much championing as observing with some degree of fascination and excitement. There’s a difference. And, the action hero got a movie deal, and the zaftig lycra girl just released a new CD to hordes of happy fans. They’re doing quite well, haters be damned.

    2. “hefty girl in gold pants”

      If you’re talking about Leslie Hall, she’s still playing shows as Leslie and the Ly’s.

  3. Ah, I found her: http://www.heftyhideaway.com. And I think, Xeni, that you’ve read a critical tone into my post that was not at all intended. I was merely curious regarding these other two recent recipients of Boing Boing’s largess.

    1. sorry. Sometimes we get dinged for “promoting” or “publicizing” things that people don’t like, or think are bad, or whatever. I see my role not as a publicist or champion or helper, but as someone who’s observing things and honestly reporting my personal reaction to them. So, I like to draw that distinction, even when it’s said with no negative intent.

      I can honestly say that I am fascinated by this band, and very excited about the show. I’m not paid by them, I’m not a personal friend, I’m not a promoter. But what they do is very interesting to me.

  4. Perhaps I’m old (at 36 ??) and out of the loop on whats “cool”.. but I just don’t “get” weird bands like Die Antwoord. I mean,.. I just don’t. get. it. (Note: I’m not saying they suck.. I just dont see what the draw is). As years go by, it seems more and more frequent that artists get popular simply for being as strange/bizarre as possible. (“Lady Gaga-syndrome”) Of course, that in/of itself can be considered a “talent”…. I guess?.. *shrug*

    1. I don’t think it’s age — I’m two years older than you. I’m also a connoisseur of out, avant-garde, and other “weird” music. I assure you I don’t get Die Antwoord or think they are remotely “next level.” I do believe there is something of a car-crash aura about them that make them difficult to not watch.

      I’ve worked in the dreaded music biz in one capacity or another for 15 years. I’ll put my curmudgeony prediction in indelible Interweb ink right here: Now that they’re signed to Interscope Records, there will be a pretty big initial interest that will wear off once the shock of the new has subsided. The fickle underground will move on to the Next Big Thing. D.A.’s second album on Interscope will sell for shit and they’ll be dropped by the label, and handed a bill for what they owe. That’s my prediction. I hope I’m wrong. But just like the big banks, the big labels haven’t changed their game.

      The question of talent is subjective. Is Ninja more or less talented than Vanilla Ice? Is Vanilla Ice more or less talented than Kid Rock? Is Kid Rock more or less talented than Lady Gaga? Musically speaking, I’d say none of the above are virtuosos on the level of, say, they gypsy jazz guitarist in the video a few posts up from this one. But as far as marketing goes, they are quite possibly all equally genius.

    2. jmnugent, I don’t get much out of Die Antwoord either, but I can see how/why they might be appealing to others. I love Gaga. It’s hard to explain why, I think she’s the real deal, tons of talent, and attitude that goes all the way up.

      Not “getting” something isn’t a big deal. People like what they like, and don’t like what they don’t. There’s not some secret thing that Antwoord or Gaga fans know that others don’t, that “getting” suggests. Maybe the problem is with the terminology.

      1. Same here. I can’t stomach some of her songs (specifically Disco Stick, ugh) but I have a lot of respect for her. People writing her off and comparing her to Vanilla Ice haven’t done anything beyond seeing part of one video or hearing one song. Read up. Singer/song writer, multi-instrumentalist, does her own fashion design, etc. Not a product created and pushed by the RIAA. Was fully formed prior to any record deals. That’s a big diff right there.

        1. Therein lies the charm, I suppose… Lovegame (the song you so despise) is quite possibly the Gaga song I find most interesting. I tend to find her newer material (the ‘Monster’ disc, if you will) rather boring, production-wise… But she’s trying things and appealing to a lot of people in the process, I suppose. Also, disgusting plenty of people…

          So I do think the comparisons to DA are valid – very polarizing stuff. I’m quite taken by DA myself, and am glad they’re seeing some success, though I do fear the same as scifijazznik above – the major label attitude will only take so much of this… Hopefully after interscope they can bounce onto a decent smaller label and keep the shit next level…It’s clever, it is refreshingly ‘old school’ in some senses, and most of all it’s just interesting.

    3. i’m 41 years old and i totally and completely “get” die antwoord. in fact, i had no interest in going to coachella but now that die antwoord are playing i am going to scalp a ticket and brave the heat/hordes of annoying young people. and no i’m not on drugs. i just recognize that it is a rare thing to experience zef in such a pure form, and i don’t want to miss it. and to those who don’t “get it”, you are simply not on their level..

      1. @#23: I agree. I hate the crowds/heat of Coachella, but I want to go just to experience DA’s Zef-level shit as well!

        Xeni – any news on a local/cheaper LA gig while they’re in town? Inquiring minds would like to know!! Please?

        See you on the Zef-side! (Fingers crossed.)

        1. We’re having a coolish April. It probably won’t get much over the mid-80s this year.

    4. jmnugent – it is not music to “get” – It is music. It is not weird to be weird. They have a great style, interesting beats, smart lyrics and are doing something different. Plenty of people said “I don’t get the Beatles, or Nirvana, or the Charlie Daniels Band” – but, they are all in their own right, original bands with new ideas and new ways to express themselves.. relax and let yourself see it for that.. and then maybe you might “get it”

      PS: Lady Gaga is not the same, please.

  5. Who from boing boing is going to be there? I know you (Xeni) live in LA but I can’t keep track of where everyone else lives.

    How do you feel about people who recognize you from boingboing shaking your hand? I suspect I won’t actually run into you… I am with the others here who have different musical tastes… but, the possibility exists :)

  6. I’m 36 and Die Antwoord kicks me in the fucking face. It’s not your age, it’s just you.

    PS: don’t compare Lady CaCa to Die mofukkin Antwoord

  7. I’m 67, and one of the things I like about DA is that I can’t explain to myself why I like them. I watched the Ninja video over and over. Not something I’m in the habit of doing. Pretty much all I listen to is progressive jazz. I’m a rabid feminist and I’ve never cared for rap. But, I like what DA is saying. It’s art. It evokes a lot of different “tings”. Listening to and watching them is not an intellectual process. They move me. Amuse me. Make me mad. And, most of all, they aren’t slick.

  8. I think the appealing thing about Antwoord is that they bring us back to a time when rap and hip-hop was fresh, new, and most all just weird. There’s just a layer of inaccessibility to another culture that makes me want to know more.

  9. i’m hoping no one at coachella’s heard of them and i will get them all to myself in the big rave tent. ha.

    for the record i’ll take DA over gaga any day. she’s an impressive force, but i find her music pretty shallow and boring. DA on the other hand rocks the muthafokkin’ house!

  10. Have fun eating thin ass $7 pizza and $4 bottles of water. On top of that, I don’t know if it was ever a reflection of something real, but this packaged and marketed “zef” is a pretty easy act to see through.

  11. I really can’t help it if I thought this was a “what-a-loser” mug shot from The Smoking Gun.

  12. Man I wish I lived in LA to visit Die Antwoord on the next show! Love them so much!! Hope to see them soon in Europe, till that day we zeflings can hang around at the fansite which is cool too by the way :) check it if you’re a fan at –> http://www.dieantwoordzeflings.com

  13. I guess in the back of my mind I keep wondering: If this was an American equivalent (some no-name redneck alt-band from unknown podunk-city, Alabama), would anyone care?… and I have to assume the answer is “no.” (There’d be nothing “curious” or “bizarre” in that…)

    I wrote out a longer comment about what I think the obscure popularity of this band says about society at large.. but I’ve retracted it (to conserve comment space)..and instead will just agree with scifijazznik.

  14. Damn it. Now I’m finally regretting skipping Coachella this year.

    Hopefully they’ll come through San Francisco….

  15. I see Watkin Tudor Jones aka Waddy Jones aka Max Normal aka Ninja of Die Antwoord is desperate to erase his history pre-Ninja. Almost as if he wants to suggest that Ninja is really hardcore working class and doesn’t have a pre-Ninja history of an Art School graduate doing interesting things… Is it because the illusion is important to future sales?

    Their official fansite:


    1. I think you are interpreting that post all wrong. Waddy has been outspoken that he has done alot of things in the past (stupid as he put it). It is an act and anyone who has followed Waddy and Yo-landi know it. But that is how Waddy entertains people. I suggest you just let yourself be entertained instead of spending so much time analyzing them.

  16. So, did they play? Was it fucking awesome, or what?! I’m dying to hear. BTW, I’m 38, came up with funk and D.C. Go-Go, loved punk, and what is currently known as true oldsk00l hiphop, and I love this band.

    1. I was there and it was incredible. Before they went on stage the anticipation in the crowd was so high and they came out and put on such a good show (even though they were only scheduled for a 20 minute set).

      The full set is on the youtubes from user allisongeddie. I’ve watched it twice since I got home from Palm Springs 9 hours ago.

  17. I went to the show!
    it was incredible.
    The most BASS i have ever heard in my life.
    really and I have been going to raves clubs etc for 18 years

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