Enormous, fetishistically annotated hand-drawn map of London

Artist Stephen Walter's enormous, fetishistically annotated hand-drawn map of London, entitled "The Island" (a comment on Londoners' tendency to view themselves as separate from the rest of the nation) is entrancing. Zoom way in and mouse around and get lost.

Stephen Walter, 'The Island', 2008 (Thanks, @wineandgolover!)


    1. So bummed, cannot watch ‘The Beauty of Maps’ on that BBC link because I’m not in the right ‘area’! Does anyone know if it’s available anywhere else?

  1. There are 10 to 30 times as many Londoners than Icelanders, and the latter think themselves a nation.
    Think about it: Even if you devoted just one minute for an interview with every citizen of inner London, 16 hours a day, year round, you would be talking 8.5 years straight.

  2. Was at the BL on Sunday. Really interesting exhibition – worth a visit even if you aren’t an islander. Maps from all over the place and all periods. They have these electronic loupes for zooming in on a tabletop version of this map – anyone know how these work?

  3. “fetishistically?” Made up and not even used properly if it was a word. That’s so shamantic.

  4. Fetishistically? Of course it’s not made up. It’s a perfectly cromulent word.

  5. Fetishistic is a lovely word, and is in my OED.

    My current non-word is sacrilicious. I encourage its use.

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