Just look at this awesome banana Viking helmet.

Just look at it.

Bananenhalter Vicky (Thanks, Paolo!)


  1. My god. I just want to put this on, walk down the street, and bask in the ambient jealousy of everyone around me who does not own such a hat. It even comes with a snack when you get hungry, but at the sacrifice of part of the charm of this wondrous headpiece.

    1. When you eat one of the bannanahorns, you can then turn it 90 degrees and poof! you’re a unibannanacorn.

  2. You’re aware, Cory, that the banana Vikings didn’t actually have horns on their helmets? That’s just an urban legend. The pineapple Goths, on the other hand, actually did have helmets shaped like pineapples.

    1. Well, the legend harkens back to Roman times, though I guess Roman counts as urban.

      Well, actually it’s not a real legend, since celtic and germanic chiefs and priests did wear strange stuff on their ceremonial helmets.

  3. Okay, that’s a nice wiffle egg and a clever bit of whimsy, but would I be a party pooper to point out that that thing would eff up your bananas pretty much instantly under real-world countertop conditions?

      1. Yeah, I did.

        Granted, I used freetranslation.com to make sure Cory was just being funny with the whole “helmet” angle, and that this is actually made and marketed as a “banana holder.” Which it is… for 150 Euros.

        Yayyyyy crap!

        1. And also replying to:

          Fail. I see nothing awesome about that.

          Just look at these humourless gits. Just look at them.

          But then again, we have this with every bananathing that comes along, and someone does this reply to them. Nothing like tradition, is there?

  4. i’m dead inside, but that is what makes me beautiful.
    oh dear
    (squooshes banana)
    oh dear
    (squooshes banana)
    oh dear

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