Obama-berry Bubble Gum, Tanzania


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  1. Felton says:

    President flavored? Definitely not, but it would be fun to have an entire line of Presidential bubble gum. Each prez could have his own jingle: “W pleasure, W fun with W, W, W gum.”

  2. bobhughes says:

    No need to blow, Obama gum comes from the factory full of air.

  3. nickodemus says:

    I always wondered what a bad president tasted like…

  4. peetar says:

    Shouldn’t this be chocolate flavored? Just sayi’n.

  5. Nelson.C says:

    Is this a “Magical N-word” reference?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing none of you ever tasted Bush.

  7. Avram / Moderator says:

    Tastes like hope!

  8. Dan says:

    It’s Socialicious!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I saw some Obama gum at a Duka in Moshi a few weeks ago and made a note to buy some later. I couldn’t find the same Duka, or the same gum, the rest of my trip there. :(

  10. PapayaSF says:

    It loses its flavor even faster than regular gum!

    “The magic, it is not working!!”

    • Felton says:

      Heh! How does that old song go…

      “Does your president lose his favor on the bedpost overnight…”

  11. puff says:

    Uhm…I don’t want President flavored bubble gum…regardless of who the President is.

  12. LovelyAndroid says:

    Why wouldn’t you want this gum? After all, it IS magic.

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