Obama-berry Bubble Gum, Tanzania


Magic Obama Strawberry, spotted by Boing Boing reader Mara Abrams in Tanzania (and here is Mara's nonprofit).

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  1. Uhm…I don’t want President flavored bubble gum…regardless of who the President is.

  2. President flavored? Definitely not, but it would be fun to have an entire line of Presidential bubble gum. Each prez could have his own jingle: “W pleasure, W fun with W, W, W gum.”

  3. I saw some Obama gum at a Duka in Moshi a few weeks ago and made a note to buy some later. I couldn’t find the same Duka, or the same gum, the rest of my trip there. :(

  4. It loses its flavor even faster than regular gum!

    “The magic, it is not working!!”

    1. Heh! How does that old song go…

      “Does your president lose his favor on the bedpost overnight…”

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