One-armed Chinese monkey kills 80 chickens

chicklsu.jpgLink. (Thanks, ting).

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  1. Story was a little disappointing: the monkey has killed 80 cumulative chickens, whereas the headline makes it seem like it took them all on at once, Kill Bill-style.

    Also: I love that picture so much.

  2. “mad cat beside the chickens” (glazed in the rain…) is the new “banana just look at it)?

  3. Where’s the Shocked Kitteh with blood-covered, one-armed marauding monkey pic? (He should have a few feathers sticking out of one corner of his mouth, please.)

  4. So this sounds like a joke set up,

    Love the shocked cat, keep it around and surprise us with it in a year or two.

  5. It’s worth clicking through to the news story just to see the photo, which looks like something out of a kung-fu flick.

  6. The headline on this post neglects to mention that the monkey also only had ONE LEG. That is one dangerous little double-amputee.

  7. Not only does it have only one arm, it also has only one leg. How does a monkey with only one arm and one leg catch a chicken?

  8. And **this**, folks, is why I am a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment. ‘Cuz, ya know, sooner or later that monkey is gonna graduate from chickens, and well… I’m just say’n we all aughta’ be prepared… ya’ know?

    Capcha: which munchies… lol. ;)

  9. Teach a monkey how to kill a chicken, and you amuse him for a day. Teach him how to clean and barbecue a chicken, and you can open a restaurant called Master Golden Monkey’s.

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