4chan "backtraced," reported to "cyberpolice" by mustachioed mad dad

Update: video edited and re-uploaded to include *only* mad mustache dad's epic rant, without the 11 year old girl who is too young to know how unwise it is to webcam her woes, or mess with /b/.

"I know! Who's emailin' and who's doin' it, and you've been reported to the state police and the cyber-police. And you better try one more thing and if you screw with my computer again, you'll be arrested. End of conversation! From her father."

I would like to learn more about these "backtraces" of which you speak, mustache dad. Know Your Meme explains, and Gawker posts less-funny background on the origins of this video, and the bullying involved.

Video Link.

(thanks, SH-P!).


  1. ok so… what? Are they in a chat room or something? Is that why little princess is wearing the fancy bra?

  2. You know, at least half of his mangled speech has to do with being so angry at the people bullying his daughter that he can’t think or speak straight. Yeah, he’s probably no orator at the best of times, but this is a guy who loves his daughter.

    I mean, geez, that would have been nice. I’m jealous.

    1. Seconded. 4chan was going nuts over this yesterday as if they’d won some sort of “victory” — or, in some opinions, “gone too far” — but looking at it objectively, I couldn’t help but think the same thing as chgoliz.

      Sure, the daughter thinks this is the worst thing that has ever or will ever happen to her, but everything’s melodramatic and without perspective when you’re a teenager. Angry dad is just looking out for his kids, and even though he clearly doesn’t understand the Internet to the same extent as some of the social troglodytes at 4chan, he’s taking a stand. Good on him.

  3. She posted semi-nude pics of herself on 4chan. It escalated from there. Epic trolling occurred thereafter.

  4. Wow. Did she deserve it? I mean, being on 4chan in the first place is grounds for this. But I feel bad for the girl and for the dad. Even more so for the girl with a crazy dad like that.

  5. I keep telling people that they don’t have to read every email or blog post out there, but nobody believes me.

    The internet is not really cyberspace, but the cyber- prefix denotes control, as in: you control the experience. So if you’re going to bodysurf the information cyberhighway of tubes, realize that you’re the one in control of your experience, Neo!

  6. Who posts video of their emotional breakdowns for all the internet to see? Honestly, if someone doesn’t have the class to keep their personal life more or less private it’s hard to feel sorry for them.

    1. Recent advances in cybertechnology make it possible for the receiver of a web cam video to record and upload a transmission.

  7. These people are in genuine anguish. I feel for them.

    But you’d think that if the interwebs were messing up their lives that badly, they would do the one thing that would stop the pain – turn off the damn webcam! That’s what got them into this mess in the first place.

  8. Yes, I see dad cares, sortof. He yells at a camera and walks off. So she got duped into doing stupid things on the internet. Why let her continue? The magic of the internet is that the computer has an off button. You don’t have to post to use google. Sure do something dumb and you may have to give up a email account or a facebook page. So? Crying to a camera won’t fix the crap you’ll take at school, but it won’t help it.

  9. Seems to me that his instinct to ‘protect’ his daughter, while admirable, is firing off in the wrong direction.

    Want to protect her? Try not letting her have a computer with webcam in her room. Seems that’s what started this thing in the first place if I’m understanding the back story correctly.

    1. Seriously.

      It’s comical/pathetic that ranting about getting back at people who hurt his daughter is seen as cute or somehow endearing.

      Where was this guy when his daughter was surfing 4chan in the first place? And even better, when she was sending photos to 4chan?

      Let’s not get all high and mighty here, folks.

      “Daddy, I did something incredibly stupid because of a lack of parental involvement!”

      “WHAT?!?! I’ll kill ’em! It’s not your fault, punkin, those evil internet people are to blame!”

  10. Granted, this is a pretty funny video. Still, it’s going to be easy to tell how the comments will split here. If you have kids, you’ll understand why the Dad is so angry that he’s gone bananas. If you don’t, than it’s just another anonymous sap getting what they deserve via the interwebs.

    I really do feel pity for the girl.

    1. I don’t know, I have kids, and if they were old enough to post videos online and came to me upset, I’d tell them “Don’t feed the trolls” and take away their computer for a week. Make them play in the yard, or go to the park with them.

      1. Going to say it: Characterizing an 11-year-old who went out and fed trolls and posted aggressive videos and photos of herself as “imperfect” and “just another young kid” slanders a lot of 11-year-olds.

        There are lots of kids out there who are young, who are naive, and who make dumb, stupid, naive mistakes. But a lot of those kids also don’t go out looking for fights and clinging onto abusive situations. As I said before, I was bullied as a kid; I was a quiet nerd that just wanted to be left alone. I didn’t challenge anyone, ask for anything.

        Aggression and arrogance are traits of personality, not characteristics tied to age.

        I mean, Jesus, if I was her father, yeah, I’d be furious at anonymous dipshits who have nothing better to do than to crap on a young girl, however the hell stupid and ridiculous she is.

        But I’d also know my daughter made some mistakes. Seeing that isn’t condoning the abuse; it’s knowing that problems don’t always have right and wrong sides. Protecting and educating her would be my priority, not yelling at trolls who would only laugh at me from afar. A grown man and father, however incandescent with fury, should know better.

  11. This is why the kids’ computer is downstairs in my office (as disruptive as that can be) and my webcam is kept in a box until it is needed.

  12. Seriously, who videotapes a reaction, to 4chan. She’s just dragging this shit out. I felt slightly bad for her there for a little bit, but I really dont now. Kids arent dumbasses, they know their actions have consequences. And posting the shit she has, along with this ridonkulous video, is a surefire way to just ramp up the madness.

    Her bra shot isnt helping her case.

  13. Experimenting with social/sexual boundaries was much simpler before the nets. I’m glad I was already in my later adolescence when I discovered technology.

  14. Boy do I have mixed feelings about this one.

    On the one hand, if you go to 4chan you pretty get whatever you get, whether you deserve it or not. Laughing isn’t entirely inappropriate.

    On the other hand, I have some empathy and young girls crying kind of pisses me off, and I can totally understand a dad wanting to try to protect her. So I’m not sure I’m comfortable laughing at her or her dad’s sentiment.

    And on the gripping hand, her dad really doesn’t grok “teh intarwebz”. So despite his good intentions some laughing at him would seem justified.

    -abs hates it when he ends up feeling conflicted over something like this, but in end he’ll probably chalk it up to “I don’t think I can laugh at this poor girl, but I don’t think I can condemn everything either, damn but life is a complex”

    1. Someone’s read some Niven|Pournelle. ^_~ Been waiting for someone (other than myself) to insert that wonderful nugget into conversation.

      Moties among us? Preposterous! (also, wink)

      Almost as ri-gorram-diculous as people expecting anything from 4chan except 4chan: pissing into an ocean of piss, et cetera.

  15. I sure wish there had been a way to capture the lowest moment of my life on video when I was eleven years-old.

    And if someone could have maximized the sharing of that humiliating video, that would have been even better.

    And if my humiliation could have been compounded with the humiliation of my father — boy-howdy! — that would have been the tops.

    1. And of course, had this method to capture the lowest moment of your life on video existed back then, the first thing you would have done would be to upload it on a world-wide communication network with billions of users, then advertise it on a board full of trolls.

  16. Kids arent dumbasses, they know their actions have consequences.

    I’m not saying you’re categorically wrong, but that statement is the exact opposite of my own recollections of childhood.

  17. Well at least she can learn a good life lesson. Sometimes you get what you ask for. She wanted attention and she got it; perhaps now she might realize that attention isn’t always the kind you want…. or not.

  18. I don’t know why anyone thinks this is a horrible thing. Especially after seeing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4IMMgpElKQ

    So sure, the girl freaks out like every 11 year old does over something in their lives – and at the very least she learns that the internet is a powerful thing and you shouldn’t be an asshole without being prepared for facing consequences.

    In my opinion she shouldn’t be on the internet roaming free without supervision anyway. So maybe this is a lesson for her parents more than anything else. If anything, it makes for a hilarious video – high school friends in the future will have fun with this if they ever find it.

  19. I think it was fine for Xeni to post this video – as a cautionary tale of what can happen when you leave your eleven-year old kid alone in her room with a webcam.

    The Internet is an amazingly powerful amplifier of immaturity.

    My kids use computers that are located in the living room, and they don’t have webcams.

  20. Ok, just saw her ‘brain slushie’ video and I no longer feel any shred of empathy for her. Little girl wanted to act tough and grown up and it bit her in the butt. Hard. Really sucky way to learn a lesson.

    I am however beginning to thing boingboing needs to take this down. Nobody’s embarrassing childhood mistakes should be made this public.

  21. an interesting juxtapositioning of feelings of pity for the girl and laughter at the father. Sort of wondered if it was fake. Why was the father so angry yet continued to let his daughter talk to the web cam?

  22. Is this another one of them “Cannibal Trolls” I dun seen on Rocketboom? I think the girl and the “dad” are in cahoots.

    1. I think the poor, dumb, angry Luigi of a dad is for real, and his heart is really breaking over this.

      The little girl, however? She is having the time of her life. She’s gonna remember this and laugh her ass off when she’s 70… unless the Glock comment — or posting underage images of herself — gets her in real-life trouble with the authorities, that is.

  23. When your kid has a problem, screaming like a mad man and acting belligerent usually does little to help anything.

    I feel like I just watched a child beinf abducted or something. Which is gross. I feel gross. Bleck. Where’s my ‘Robot Unicon Attack’?

  24. Makin’ little girls cry. You stay classy, 4chan.

    I don’t think it was a mistake to post this. The post raises a number of interesting issues, starting with this one:

    What do you do if this is your daughter?

    We can all agree the dude’s response was natural (if hilariously, stridently ignorant), so how do you make your kid feel better, when the world’s biggest collection of assholes just crapped all over her?

    And, perhaps more importantly, how do you prevent your own kids from falling into this in the first place? 4chan is going to find its victims — how do you skew the odds in favor of your kid not becoming one?

    1. I’d agree that it wasn’t a mistake if it was portrayed more in the context of observation rather than participation.

    2. “What do you do if this is your daughter?”

      Not give her a webcam when she’s 11?

      “We can all agree the dude’s response was natural (if hilariously, stridently ignorant), so how do you make your kid feel better, when the world’s biggest collection of assholes just crapped all over her?”

      Tell her to stop going somewhere that’s bent on making her feel horrible. Parents have faced worse — where do kids go when they’re bullied in school? They need their education, and some parents have few choices when it comes to schools. The internet can feel small sometimes, but there’s a lot more choice when it comes to where you can take yourself.

      Teach her that there are people in the world whose only sense of identity comes from this blackhole of negative bullshit, and that they’re as much garbage as the feelings they force others to feel. Ask the simple question: Why would you want to be liked by people who are obviously lower than waste? Find people you respect, people you like being around, people that make you feel good.

      “And, perhaps more importantly, how do you prevent your own kids from falling into this in the first place? 4chan is going to find its victims — how do you skew the odds in favor of your kid not becoming one?”

      Don’t go to 4chan; don’t post videos of solitary rants; don’t post public photos of yourself.

      None of this should be a revelation. I don’t have kids, but I was bullied at a young age, and the experience has stayed with me all my life so far.

  25. Haven’t watched any of the videos and probably won’t, but I read the synopsis. All I have to say is this could turn into a huge money maker for the family. Just start a site selling “You done goofed!” T-Shirts, maybe with a screen shot of father / daughter and you’re golden. Someone is probably already doing this somewhere on teh interwebs. Somehow I feel certain that thousands of dollars will ease their pain.

  26. Although many of you are bashing the fact this was posted; the reason I read this blog is because of the mindset of it’s readers; and you’ve all done this story justice by showing support for the protective father and the traumatised girl.

    Sure they’re blowing it out of proportion … and making things worse for themselves; but at least you guys have shown a united front in backing them up, rather than mocking them.

    Moral? I don’t think this is such a bad post if the communities reaction is this way inclined.

  27. I happen to think the dad’s rant is hysterical, and I rarely feel bad for people who get themselves in trouble whey they act like assholes or idiots.
    I support Xeni here, folks. I doubt she found the girl’s trauma amusing, or she’d have posted the backstory that led to the tears.

  28. Does no one know how the internets work? Really? Really. Now, I assume that this is real and the father is sticking up for his daughter. That being said, she went to 4chan and talked shit to a bunch of trolls. –Mistake number one. You really think you can now “fix” this having your father yell into the camera? I knew there had to be a remix within 5 seconds of watching the tape. As a parent with online kids, you should know a bit about how this works. In a nutshell: YOU CAN’T FIX A DRIP BY ADDING MORE PAINT! Walk away little girl. –You bit off more than you could chew and it bit you in the ass. Just walk away. Just walk away.

  29. I want to defend Xeni and BB for posting this. As a geezer, I probably would not hear about it until it was way passe. Now I might have a dim clue when my daughter or her peers discuss it.

    Besides it is full of what the BB Banner espouses, “Tech, Culture, and Liberty.” It is even a wonderful thing in that the whole shebang/incident is full of much to wonder at.


  30. Its like people do stupid things when they are young. I’m surprised that some people (that undoubtedly also did stupid things as kids) think they they should be completely humiliated about it.

  31. Can Steve send her a Free Case? That seems to be the solution of the day.

    I won’t comment on the other aspect of the posting as I see both sides.

  32. Why do people have to be mean? Where I come from if a cute girl posts semi-nude pictures of herself you say “Thanks.”.

    1. I know typically when people say “girl” they often mean “woman”, but in this case girl=child. She’s only 11 years old and you want to thank her for posting semi-nude pictures. I can guess where you come from…

  33. I agree that this is a little out of place on boingboing, and I’d like to think that little girl didn’t FULLY understand the things she was saying (in one of the videos, she talks about an ex-boyfriend, and says “he’s gay, I never fucked him,” which out of the mouth of a little girl is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever heard). But, hey, she learned a huge lesson about the consequences of her actions, which her father clearly never learned, or he wouldn’t have given her the leeway to act the way she does. Hopefully he will enter adolescence soon as well.

    Full Disclosure – I don’t have kids, and have total disdain for those who do!

    1. I’d have to hazard that anyone in need of a “cautionary tale for raising children in the internet age” must be such an avoider of popular media as to not even have access to the internet in the first place.
      Now, whether or not people heed such cautions is an entirely different matter.
      As one of the recent RSA white board videos (the secret power of time) claimed; “for present hedonist, knowledge of future consequences never feeds back to change their behavior”.

      Let’s try not to pick on the Present Hedonists, they make their own lives hard enough as it is.

  34. If you are not pleased with the content of this blog post, you may sign up for a free bumper in the color of your choice, or alternately, present it at any Apple or AT&T store for a full refund of the purchase and shipping costs.

    1. Oh :(

      Now, that makes me sad,
      was it meant to be funny?
      Hard to tell with text.
      Text based environments are tricky that way, it’s just too darn easy to misread a persons meaning/intention behind the words they use when there’s no other indicators to cross reference with.
      I’ll have to take the middle road and postulate sarcasm as the intent … though, in this instance, that too makes me sad.

      It’s like rainbows lost lost a color :(

  35. This whole thing is a pathetic indictment of not only 4chan denizens but all the blogs that repeat and perpetuate it. (Slow news day?)

    Stuff like this brings out the ugly in people. When I see people people posting comments like “she deserved it” my skin starts to crawl – that line is right up there with “I was only following orders”. No one should EVER try to rationalize why someone else ‘deserved’ becoming a victim of hate or violence or humiliation. Was she stupid? Of course she was. But did she ‘deserve’ it? Ummm… no more than did a rape victim who makes the mistake of being in the wrong place and the wrong time, or who was wearing the wrong clothing. Stupidity has consequences, but so does lack of empathy for people who make mistakes. Direct your disdain at the haters instead, and drop the link to the video before you do it, otherwise you are just contributing to the mob lynching.

    I would go so far as to propose that *all* humor or efforts based on mocking someone else misfortune or embarrassment, (or for just being who they are) is mean spirited, low-brow, herd-mindset bullying. Doing so while safely anonymous online is even more pathetic. I’m pretty disappointed (but not surprised) by all the hating and also the “Hey, look at this” which is happening. Elevate, folks.

  36. People: not everyone understands the internet. It’s really easy to say you should protect your kids from X, Y, and Z, or that kids should understand what it means to post to 4chan, but they don’t. They haven’t necessarily had the benefit of the education you had.

    If the parents took the opposite tack and prevented their daughter from ever using their computer, many of us would be saying they were preventing her from learning necessary skills for today’s world.

    There are almost 300 million people in the world – not all of them are going to manage technology, or their kids, perfectly. To me, that doesn’t justify laughing at ignorance from on high. When you are laughing at 11 year olds for being imperfect, I have to say I’m less impressed with you than with her.

  37. IAWTFunny. I think it might be the same funny as when people got all upset about facebook sharing and exploiting information that users had privately published to their profile on an ad-driven social network site.
    Remember how that was one of those teachable moments about how connectivity can be hazardous, powerful, exploitative, awesome, and nasty? Although most of the folks learning that last lesson weren’t 11.

    Still though? Sorta surprised to see boingboing suddenly turn into a place where people think that parents should practice total surveillance/exert total control over their kids’ internets. Never mind a place where parents brag about how they have total control over what their offspring get up to on the tubes.

    Is it because Cory’s on vacation? Is that what this is all about?

    1. There is a difference between a parent exercising authority over a child and a government doing so over a citizen. The state is not your father, even though it tries to be.

      Good to bring up the facebook thing though. This situation is similar in that it is very hard to feel sorry for people vain enough to actively post all manner of personal shit on the web. This is an unfortunate trend, and only serves to embolden the neckbeards.

  38. What’s with the hysterical FCC/PTC/Censorship mentality? “Omg seeing this is harmful”. Do you really think Xeni contributes in any way to the humiliation of this girl by showing it to a community full of people who seem to have nothing but compassion for her?

    In what way is it any better than pretending it didn’t happen?! You should thank Xeni for giving you something to whine about. And in any case it’s about the internet, angry nerds, and little girls; that’s what BB is mostly about and Xeni does her job and reports.

    And quite frankly the father’s “consequences will never be the same” and “cyberpolice” is highly amusing. Come on, don’t lie to yourselves, deep down you think it’s funny too.

    1. “Do you really think Xeni contributes in any way to the humiliation of this girl by showing it to a community full of people who seem to have nothing but compassion for her?”

      Yes. You can report the story, and even the meme storm that resulted, in a manner that doesn’t perpetuate the abuse. It just takes an extra minute of thought and (wait for it) effort.

      “Come on, don’t lie to yourselves, deep down you think it’s funny too.”

      I’m not and I don’t. Not even a little bit.
      You might want to take a deep hard look in the mirror at what you find ‘funny’.

  39. Oh, to the emerging apologists: While the comment thread has now drifted towards “This is what happens when kids aren’t supervised” the post didn’t start that way at all. It was “Look at this”, more worthy of Perez Hilton or RadarOnline. :-(
    I agree that this can be a cautionary tale, but drop the link when telling it if you want to be honest about why you are looking or passing it along. The maladjusted 4chan peeps don’t deserve this kind of reward (free attention) for their sociopathic urges.

  40. Ok, just so we are all clear, here is how it works:
    If you take a naked picture of yourself anywhere at any time with any device and store that picture in any way, it will get online. If you go to a place like 4chan and say that you are prettier and better than everyone and will murder those who disagree, many people will contact you with their disagreements and it will get nasty. This is how the internet works, folks. I didn’t make the rules, but I sure as hell teach them to my kids. This is why my kids are not in this position. Not to mention, I went as so far as to not raise my kids to be arrogant and disrespectful in the first place (online or in real life). –Have a girl say what she said (in the brain slushie video) at the top of her lungs in a bar and see what happens. I am not saying she deserves what she got, I’m just saying you can’t yell “Fire!” and wonder why you got trampled.

  41. Take it down so we can all go “LALALALALA” and then it will go away and Jessi’s life will be un-ruined!

    Yeah, right.

    She learned an important lesson and no one was hurt. Her life is far from ruined (but I’m sure she thinks it is). Maybe the news stories will help parents and community leaders realize that they should educate their kids about the dangers of the internet. Then again, it might spark a “think of the children” reaction and hurt our hopes for net-neutrality. Either way, the damage is done and I don’t think BoingBoing can change that.

  42. In a comment sure to be unrelated to most of the above, does anyone else see a resemblance between the poor girl in question and Gwen Cooper?

    -abs may be straight, but between Gwen and Cpt. Jack he’d totally jump in bed with Jack first, Gwen just doesn’t “do it” for -abs, besides, Jack is H A W T ! ! ! ! !

  43. People have seen this, right?

    She fed the trolls. It’s funny.

    This is coming from a father of a daughter, so the self righteous (“you’re so mean”, “you would never understand” blah blah) isn’t really going to work on me.

    How about parents be, you know… parents? Don’t expect a troll to not act like a troll.

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