Walking Dead 12: Relentless zombie comic offers respite, and its own problems

I've just read the twelfth collection in the chilling, gripping Walking Dead zombie comic series, Life Among Them, and as always, I raced through the pages, on edge to discover what happened next.

The Walking Dead is remarkable for both its relentless pacing and its relentless pessimism, a series in which the plight of characters who have endured the unimaginable nevertheless grows steadily and intractably worse. The trick, then, is to write a series in which things get monotonically worse and yet there always dangles the prospect of hope, a glimmer of light deep at the end of the tunnel.

In volume 12, the light grows considerably brighter as the nomadic survivors encounter a model walled community that seems too good to be true; the characters are now tried not by the zombies or homicidal rivals, but by the agonizing questions of trust, of returning to normalcy, of confronting the lives the led while on the road and fighting for their survival.

As always, I finished it slavering for more, and even now am eagerly awaiting the thirteenth collection.

Walking Dead Volume 12: Life Among Them


  1. wow, strange coincidence – I just bought and finished this book today. I can’t recommend these books highly enough – the characterization, and evolution of the characters, in the face of such a horrible inhuman situation, is fantastic.

    Annoyingly, as i’m quite new to this series, I’ve been able to read the books back to back… now i have to wait 6 months between books :(
    Oh well – it’s worth it, and means i have an excuse to read them again each time.

  2. How about subscribing to the comic? You can support the artists and yer local comix store, *and* get your Walking Dead fix on a monthly basis!

  3. I love the series and the books are well worth the price. I’m looking forward to the series on AMC.

  4. If you are buying the trades that’s fine but don’t talk about how hard it is to wait. You are choosing to wait until the individual monthly issues are republished in a collection. So don’t lament your choice.

    1. I have my fingers crossed for the tv series – it is co-created by Frank Darabont (of Shawshank Redemption fame) and Kirkman/Moore – so chances are that it will at least have some respect for the source.

      @jccalhoun Yeah, I know I could go for the monthly issues – but there is something nice about the scale and completeness of the book. It fills a good couple of hours on a weekend, like a good film. As I said – it is worth the wait….

  5. Not again! This is the THIRD TIME I’ve had a major plot point in this series RUINED by the freakin’ cover of one of these books! Perhaps I’m completely to blame for choosing to read these comics by purchasing the big hard bound collections, but is it so much to ask they don’t reveal so freakin’ much on the cover!

  6. I’m really interested in the Community storyline and how it’s going to play out. With everything Rick and crew have endured, all of the horrible things they have suffered or inflicted, you know they aren’t going to be able to return to any semblance normalcy. After reading the current issue, wow…

    I highly recommend this series to everyone–it’s the only series I buy monthly rather than wait for the trades, because I just can’t wait. The characters are so beautifully drawn (literally and figuratively) and I am completely engrossed in the questions it raises on human nature and how people change and react when faced with a horrific new reality.

    And after being blown away by the panel for it at comic-con, I can’t freaking wait for the tv series. The love and respect the cast and director had for the source material (and hey, Kirkman wrote episode 4) was very clear.

  7. I have to disagree with all the positive feedback this comic series has gotten. In the first book of the series, there are glaring spelling errors in the introduction alone. I can’t take a publication seriously – comic or otherwise – if the editor and publisher cannot pay attention to detail.

    I feel the series started off promising, but the stories were pretty predictable and by the 3rd book, I was over it. I feel it got pretty ridiculous. I never read beyond book 3 so maybe I missed something?

    I was surprised to see it made it to book 12. Not a fan, but glad it has a strong audience and that it’s found some success.

    I’m open to feedback as to why people feel this series is so amazing, and perhaps I might give it another try if the arguments are compelling enough.

  8. Ogvor – The cover doesn’t actually reveal anything or even depict something that happens in the story it’s just meant to be in the spirit of things. I imagine it was a drawing for a subplot that they didn’t end up using.

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