50 Cent is having a bad day (UPDATE)

Skimming through rapper 50 Cent's Twitter history, one can instantly determine the point at which handlers ceased managing the account of late, and the hiphop star took things over himself. About 9 days ago.

Today, either his account has been hijacked by a prankster, or he's having a particularly rough day.

Update: Spoke to someone at Twitter, they've reached out to his management and confirmed that his account is just fine. Not a security breach. I'm a follower for life, man, this is the best ish ever. Move over, @kanyewest.

[via Attackerman]


  1. I hope it’s a prank, the comment about his Grandma’s beyond the pale. You are rich asshole, get your gran a housekeeper.

    1. I have to agree with Neon Tooth here. If fiddy is so rich he shouldn’t have to take out the garbage, why does his grand mom have to?

  2. You have found the other end of the Twitter rainbow. On one side has Stephen Fry, who is as sweet and respectful as he is, and the other side has 50cent telling us he’s too rich to do a small chore for his grandmother.

    It’s really stretching reality that this isn’t a parody. :(

  3. Then again he does have a tender side: “If your a rapper and you sold 5,000 cdsYa fat and turn 44 years old you might want Get prostate checked and your colon cleanseMy advice”

  4. I’m with fiddy on this one.

    What the hell is being rich good for if you still have to take out the nasty trash?

    Thought these guys had an entourage for stuff like takin’ out grandma’s trash.

  5. Wow. You really can pinpoint the exact moment he took over: Friday, August 20, 2010 1:29:58 PM. Everything before that is your basic self promotional celebrity tweet stream, with links and retweets, everything spelled correctly and in sentence form. Then, he falls on his ass coming out of the gym and it’s a steady, punctuation free stream of jibber jabber from then on. It’s beautiful in a way.

  6. In da Gram’s House

    Go shawty, it’s your chore day
    We gonna work ya like it’s your chore day
    We gon’ give u trash like it’s your chore day
    And you know we don’t give a fuck, I’m yo Gram not yo posse

  7. Mr. Cent would prefer that you not use the term “twitty cent:”

    “Allhiphop.com fuckin wit me alright Motherfuckers calling me twitty cent Ima catch 1 of you motherfuckers Fuckin computer geeks”

  8. “I’m just so mad at my mother. I don’t know … she just calls me up the other day. She wants to borrow ten dollars for some food! Can you believe that? I said, ‘Hey! I work for a living!'”

  9. W. James Au ~ Your reply made me pee my pants with laughter! I LOVED it! :)

    50 Cent ~ If taking out the garbage is the only thing you can tweet about in the miserable life of a rapper, PAY SOMEONE to take it out for you… A neighbor’s kid would feel honored to take out your trash (sad, but true). Otherwise, make yourself a Bucket List and put “Take the garbage out for my elderly grandmother” at the top of that list and you will feel better in the morning for doing it ~ and so will she. It will give you something to cross off, rather than piss off.

    Thanks for the laughs, Xeni… This was worth it’s two cents :)

  10. I don’t care how rich your ass is… How old you are, or if you are the president of a country!!! You take the damn trash out if grandma asks… You can leave later… but take out the damn trash!

  11. NO THE PRANK NEEDS TO BE, BETTER BE….that he confused BB for gawker, ouch man, that really hurts, and if that indeed is the case you all need to get some PR up in this shit. BB will not be associated with gawker, that is the NYPost of internet media.

    And, have you even seen Jezebel’s, “my god I can’t believe I’m still scrolling!” comments policy? Goes on forever and is as harsh as ninja video’s (may they RIP).

    1. bklynchris, yeah, you basically have to “try out” for commenter status at Jezebel. Ridiculous. One of the reasons I don’t bother reading there anymore. It was a little too “Us four and no more”. Sheesh.

  12. At last, I finally understand what Twitter is for.
    Laffin at the stream of ‘consciousness’ of famous strangers…

  13. BB should interview Twitty Cent over Twitter. Here is my question: “U got the comp geek, now choices- kyjelly, twinky, or dunebuggy? Splain pls, kthxbye.”

  14. I hope he and his Grandma make up, I’d hate to see fake O.G. on real O.G friction. She’d destroy him.

  15. 50 Cent is the new Tracy Jordan. I’m just waiting for him to say something like, “Heavy is the head that eats the crayons” or something awesome like that.

  16. Twitpic needs to straighten out his account; I really wanted to see this Homer Simpson looking bitch he didn’t fuck.

  17. twitter + celebrities = death of society

    who needs ANY kind of entertainment when I can just watch idiots write their truest, deepest, just AMAZING inner thoughts all day, hmmm? beats hanging out at the jr. high and trying to overhear pretty much the same conversations! And less cops n stuff!!!

    Seriously, i’d rather read tweets by The Annoying Orange – oh no… http://twitter.com/annoyingorange

  18. Some of the commenters must be quite prejudiced if they didn’t even consider the chance that this might be a joke. Oh, right, only account hijackers can do humour.

  19. I really think people take him and kayne too seriously. Some of these are aggressive but just seem fun when if you’ve seen more interviews with them. Kayne talking about fur pillows…maybe I have to believe he knows how it sounds and is trying to be a dick rather than thinking he really is a dick. The guy is rich and likes stupid shit, what should his twitter be? Same with 50 Cent. How is either of their tweeting worse than 90% of the shit out there on twitter. It’s all stupid.

    This is the 50 cent I imagine tweeting. The one who brought SexMan to NY to hang out.

  20. Time for me to turn off the interwebs. I just had to go and read one more damn post. I’m sure after reading this I just deleted something important in my brain that I’ll never get back.

  21. I would rather read his grandma’s tweet:

    I can’t believe my grandson whining about the goddamn garbage. I’m old. Fuck this. Go home. I don’t need your shit!

  22. I’m still having trouble believing this is real, can a person really be such a walking stereotype? Doesn’t he say, “Wait! Did I REALLY just say that?” because I say “Wait! Did he really just say that?” after every tweet I read…

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