WTF stamp

For all your puzzlement needs: the self-inking WTF stamp.

WTF Stamp (Thanks, Alice!)


  1. Full support for Grant (#3). If people want to play with punctuation, they should use the best options.

  2. not to be a name drop, but i work for a company that makes custom stamps. we also do laser cutting, signage, name badges, plaques, vinyl cutting, industrial stencils and pretty much any custom job we can think of. im very tempted to cut my own laser cut mylar graffiti stencils. we do much better quality than that (their example isn’t inking properly, how will yours turn out?) send us a vector file (corel draw format preferred) and we can make what ever you want and ship it anywhere.i also do all of the corporate seals. want a WTF? seal? or a BIG ASS SEAL OF APPROVAL?? i’ve only worked here for 3 months and i just love that i make random things!

  3. When I was in high school, and friend and I agreed that the best thing in the world to have (at the time, and many times thereafter) would be rubber stamps that read “WASTE OF TIME” and “BULLSHIT.” Upon his making partner at the law firm that employs him, I presented him with one of each and a pad of red ink. He claims to have used it many times since.

  4. When I was a designer at Newport News Shipbuilding, I threatened daily to have a WTF and a NFW stamp for when I was checking drawings along with a nasty arrow to point out the errors. Nice to see I’m not the only one.

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