Have fun in a capsized ship at Machine Project in Los Angeles, 9/5/2010


Mark Allen of Machine Project in Los Angeles says:

For a period of five weeks Josh Beckman’s Sea Nymph will be host to a whole series of nautical-themed events, performances, lectures, and workshops, as well as an opera by and for dogs. Inside the capsized hull of the ship there will also be a crystal cave. Join us at Machine for the opening on September 5th from 5-10pm, where you can gaze upon the wreckage with accompanying performances by Clay Chaplin, Ambient Force 3000, Ecce, OK Music, Chris Kallmyer, and Colin Woodford.
Josh Beckman’s Sea Nymph: A shipwrecked boat inside Machine


  1. Rum – check.
    Lash – check.
    What was the third thing that I was supposed to pick up for the party?

    1. i believe you’d pick up that third “item” at the party. or be picked up. depends on whether your a top or a bottom

  2. Technically, that ship is or just has “Pitch-poled”.

    Capsizing is when a knockdown leaves a vessel on it’s beam (Side).

  3. Beam ends, no… that would be laid over sideways. capsize means upside down.

    Pitch-poled is head over heals. Sorry: heals over head!

    This to me just looks horrible. Like, hey, have fun in a grave! Just a morbid, nasty, bad idea.

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