Forest: altered engraving from steampunk collageist Dan Hillier

Walking today in Upmarket in Brick Lane, London, I was delighted to stop in at Dan Hiller's stall and discover a whole range of new "alterted engravings," including this smashing collage called Forest.



  1. Dan’s work is brilliant, but it doesn’t diminish it one bit to point out that he’s continuing a collage style that was begun by Max Ernst (‘Une Semaine De Bonte’), continued by Joseph Cornell (both pre-and post-box sculptures), then brought to animated life by Cornell’s assistant Larry Jordan (‘Our Lady of the Sphere’, and the brilliant ‘Sophie’s Place.) Provocateur and shaman Harry Smith created a long nightmare/comedy/hallucination film, “Heavy and Earth Magic.” In the 1990’s collagist Tennessee Rice Dixon and multimedia artist Jim Gasperini took the style into CD-ROM multimedia-land with “ScruTiny in the Great Round.”
    Ernst began the style, but every one of these artists made valuable contributions to the style that kept it alive. It’s probably worth an article or two just to examine how this tradition has evolved, and what elements of style are shared between all these artists.
    Again, though– Dan’s work stands out. Smashing, indeed.

  2. I normally don’t care for collage but this is amazing. It is reminiscent of Max Ernst, but his work stands out at a totally new level. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen an artist with whom every piece makes me say to myself “incredible.” Great work!

  3. He was at the Thames festival today, I got ‘Into the woods’

    Speaking of forest, there was a print there with an Owl flying over a city revealing a forest behind the buildings. I very nearly had that one instead & can’t find it on the website :(

  4. Alterted? Was bedeutet dieses wort?

    OK, bring on the “Grammar & Spelling Nazi” flames… it’s a cold rainy Sunday. I could use the warmth.

  5. I am not what you’d call a patron of the arts. I’ve only ever purchased two works, both of them prints, and one of them from an artist who’s been dead for longer than I’ve been alive.

    The other was purchased just now, because as soon as I saw “Forest,” I wanted it. This would be the first time I’ve ever seen anything linked on a website and responded by waving my wallet in the air. But that image is lovely to me. I could go on about why, but nobody cares about that. I just wanted to point out that I had to have one, and thanks for sharing it with us, Cory. Hillier’s work is beautiful.

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